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Rubenecia Zaijan
Rubenecia Zaijan преди 23 часа
Fuel not fyool
Villager Slime
Villager Slime преди 23 часа
reZNik SDG
reZNik SDG преди 23 часа
does HCBBS mean scar owns pacific labs?
MiningFreak_Alicha преди 23 часа
drinking coal and eating any-kind of mint, makes you bloated... learned and never doing it again..
LKR Inventor
LKR Inventor преди 23 часа
5:28 reminds me of the storage system mumbo built in Scar's Ex base recently
Sjorgen12 3
Sjorgen12 3 преди 23 часа
You still keep the industrial zone. Its the Big Base Swap, not Big Possession Swap.
Gabesart0 Art and animations
Gabesart0 Art and animations преди 23 часа
Make a Ice Hut
Jp 9gag
Jp 9gag преди 23 часа
HCBBS NOT HCBIDS (It's not hermit craft big industrial district swap)
MiningFreak_Alicha преди 23 часа
it's only bases that has been "loan" out
sam scianna
sam scianna преди 23 часа
It is a hidden base
Dimi POWER преди 23 часа
Eeew I couldn't play if that happened mojang had to give me £10000 for me to play
xReborn_x x
xReborn_x x преди 23 часа
chuffed to bits > impressed
Enea преди 23 часа
Kaboompower3402 преди 23 часа
you know when it's real if mumbo is "chuffed to bits" alright.
Isaac Wicklund
Isaac Wicklund преди 23 часа
It's good to see that Mumbo approves of Scar's changes to Jellie's base
Sam Willis
Sam Willis преди 23 часа
What’s the seed
bluetube12 преди 23 часа
Villager Slime
Villager Slime преди 23 часа
You still own your industrial district
The Max
The Max преди 23 часа
The Aliens that put the HCBBS in the Shopping district? Mumbo is a Alien?
Vedant Chowdhary
Vedant Chowdhary преди 23 часа
FYOOL !?!??!?!?? 😂
Matteo Reiter
Matteo Reiter преди 23 часа
It's big BASE swap not big INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT swap
Christiaan Mc Donald
Christiaan Mc Donald преди 23 часа
Florian Stoelinga
Florian Stoelinga преди 23 часа
HCBBS stands for: HermitCraftBigBaseSwap not for HermitCraftBigInustrialSwam(HCBIS
Lord Dobi
Lord Dobi преди 23 часа
Tyler Menzer
Tyler Menzer преди 23 часа
Mumbo: Today on this episode of hermitcraft, we are going to gush over scar's build
Robin Gillespie
Robin Gillespie преди 23 часа
I think scar is dyslexic so it may be a good idea to rename the 'fyool' to 'fuel' :)
Nathan Katri
Nathan Katri преди 23 часа
“You can just break the glass “😂
Ajmal Zuhair
Ajmal Zuhair преди 23 часа
I just love that his bow is named "Mumbow Jumbow"
Trevor Gedge
Trevor Gedge преди 23 часа
Mumbo being smart for an entire episode
Short Circuit
Short Circuit преди 23 часа
1:18 the zombie base looks like its on LSD
Kainine 9
Kainine 9 преди 23 часа
"The aliens who put it in the shopping district" we all know it was you Mumbo, in the video where u "found" it, u had the exact materials sooo.... 🤣🤣🤣
Capnick07here преди 23 часа
it reminds me of pandora vault
Coby Lin
Coby Lin преди 23 часа
i actually thought that he would really kill it with redstone ,as in whacking it with redstone lol
Edward S
Edward S преди 23 часа
5:22 you guys don’t have air conditioning in the UK?
moukidelmar преди 23 часа
It's great how Mumbo and Scar are slowly turning into one another via the base swap
Nathan Meade
Nathan Meade преди 23 часа
what if mumbo had a vault, with the deed in it, i think it would be cool
varis leek
varis leek преди 23 часа
ima say it, i feel like mumbo procrastinated on aging the pillars long enough for it to become part of the story
Demised Dari
Demised Dari преди 23 часа
I want to eat menots and drink coke at the same time now
Nycto преди 23 часа
Time to commit a war crime
jimeff134 преди 23 часа
1/20 bru
SpiderCzyk преди 23 часа
You have the same Birthday as my Sister
Monsieur Bacteria Gaming
Monsieur Bacteria Gaming преди 23 часа
I feel like he changed the title from yesterday...
JoshyBoi morgan
JoshyBoi morgan преди 23 часа
Wait its number 3 on trending for gaming when im watching this
Mr Brown
Mr Brown преди 23 часа
You have a 800 daimend I got 7 daimend in my hole life
Zack Brown
Zack Brown преди 23 часа
Fyool = fuel nice slang Mumbo
grayboi duck
grayboi duck преди 23 часа
I'm being honest so you have that protype build in the beginning of the video that would be really useful
Brodin Roo
Brodin Roo преди 23 часа
No storage system is better than pewdiepie
CrossTR 15
CrossTR 15 преди 23 часа
Erm... where is the world download??
Master Ted Kenobi
Master Ted Kenobi преди 23 часа
Ender Pearl: ima end this mans whole career
NinjaMalti преди 23 часа
Not 88 IT IS 66 lol😂😂😂😂😂
Jake Shenkman
Jake Shenkman преди 23 часа
Mumbo looking through Chest Monster: Casually opens box of elytras.
Kirito преди 23 часа
Fyoul hahhhahahha
Firefrab преди 23 часа
It's only weakness is a diamond pickaxe
Luca Badain
Luca Badain преди 23 часа
Im pretty sure its a base swap not a industrial district swap Iskall85 also made the same mistake and then realised it.
AJ Porsche
AJ Porsche преди 23 часа
Mumbo: what happens when you drink coke and eat mentos? (Pop)
Daniël The Gamer
Daniël The Gamer преди 23 часа
Wouldn't it be cool if Mumbo made it so that the smoke from the campfires in the chimney above the Super Duper Smelter only would let smoke through when there are items being smelted?
Lucas Hermez
Lucas Hermez преди 23 часа
Coolboygym2 преди 23 часа
After a lot of Episode,we at least See Mambo,Jumbo hand
Sunita Kulkarni
Sunita Kulkarni преди 23 часа
20 years later:making Ultron in real life as an addition to my army of robots and conquering the 5th dimension again
Samwich Plays VR
Samwich Plays VR преди 23 часа
I know u have a q2, u should do a rec room meetup!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Harkness
Jessica Harkness преди 23 часа
Why does he sound like stampy cat...
Zhenja Belgraver
Zhenja Belgraver преди 23 часа
Scar: puts shulker boxes of coal blocks in the smelter... Smelter: REEEEE
Jacob Tanzer
Jacob Tanzer преди 23 часа
why did you spell it fyool instead of fuel?
pralizegamer void
pralizegamer void преди 23 часа
how to put stuff in the vault
Andy Lepki
Andy Lepki преди 23 часа
thank god you exist because whenever im sad/crying you always save the day and make me happy
Hussain Saif
Hussain Saif преди 23 часа
He lost the orignal book and then made a new book 🤣
Rick Astley's Window
Rick Astley's Window преди 23 часа
You dont say
131Leonardo 01
131Leonardo 01 преди 23 часа
mumbo i think the base swap is just for the base not for the industrial district as well
Øæåq преди 23 часа
5:26 he is talking about the corona virus
red crewmate
red crewmate преди 23 часа
Mumbo hasn't been making any videos on pacific nowdays
Rick Astley's Window
Rick Astley's Window преди 23 часа
I think hes forgotten
Edward Ackrill
Edward Ackrill преди 23 часа
mumbo: if we sound an alarm the zombies should come back in me: how?
Harvey Widdicombe
Harvey Widdicombe преди 23 часа
i a grey
Eleen Wu
Eleen Wu преди 23 часа
Mumbo: “I hope that makes sense” Me: *it never makes sense*
The animation Workstation
The animation Workstation преди 23 часа
Well done on trending
Timestatic преди 23 часа
Mumbo its called the "Hermitcraft Big *BASE* Swap" not "Hermitcraft Big *INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT* SWAP"
PapaMaples преди 23 часа
HCBBS was effectively giving every player the Butler challenge
Master Ted Kenobi
Master Ted Kenobi преди 23 часа
Building up: I’m bout to end this mans whole career
Darth Vanner
Darth Vanner преди 23 часа
So AT-ATs and AT-STs.
VorteXYZ преди 23 часа
Hey mumbo on the download of hermitcraft 6 I found a book in your base that said it was your diary it was all about Sahara the shop?
Harvey Widdicombe
Harvey Widdicombe преди 23 часа
80 legs
gaia aoi
gaia aoi преди 23 часа
"114 shulker boxes of stone!!!!" 😆😆😆😆 you now have been, Scarred for life