Hermitcraft 7: Episode 62 - PACIFIC PROGRESS!

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Mumbo Jumbo

преди 2 месеца

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo revives his Mumbo Mega base as the Mumbo base died! Mumbo also adds a bunch of new Minecraft redstone circuits to make the golden heart circuit a lot more reliable and easier to read. Mumbo also puts a stack of diamond blocks into the system, so if the base dies, the stack of diamonds blocks gets burned in lava!
Mumbo and Iskall also meet up and make some serious progress on the Hermitcraft shopping district mega shop Pacific. Improving the pacific meeting room, and adding more to the pacific shop.
Filming channel: bgpost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Louise Hayes
Louise Hayes преди ден
Mumbo I have an idea for your base If it fully dies it self destructs
ElectricShadow20 преди 2 дни
Next episode it's just gonna be Mumbo: Pacific Pacific, Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific. Iskall: Pacific? Pacific Pacific Pacific. Mumbo: Pacific Pacific. Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific! now Pacific doesn't sound like a word anymore
Thomas Toys
Thomas Toys преди 3 дни
Bases dies, it should blow up
Snuskedundret преди 4 дни
Think he turned into a Masochist in his old age
Betrayedtoast17 преди 5 дни
I like it
Adi Man
Adi Man преди 5 дни
I think I know the "super secret" password to the Pacific Lab
Akaeral преди 7 дни
Mumbo is just a virtual engineer
gameing and mask
gameing and mask преди 7 дни
14:08 poor grian
Slater Cochrane
Slater Cochrane преди 7 дни
I’m sorry but mumbo just why why would u make healed less rich like that
Slater Cochrane
Slater Cochrane преди 7 дни
Oops urself not healed
SuperMXLvr Productions
SuperMXLvr Productions преди 9 дни
The freaking duckies
Sam Legg
Sam Legg преди 10 дни
Jeez mumbo i looked at your sub count and i didn’t realise you had that many subs i started watching you when you had like 1 mil
ChampionX преди 11 дни
You are very dumb, who has to feed their own base so they don't get consequences?(no offense, I'm just saying it's a bad idea)
Samar Mohan
Samar Mohan преди 11 дни
Jonathan Sorenson
Jonathan Sorenson преди 11 дни
Irina Zyfi
Irina Zyfi преди 14 дни
Iskall: Nice Bridge Mumbo Jumbo:(Sigh) Iskall the Sarcastic
Irina Zyfi
Irina Zyfi преди 14 дни
Those Pool floaty noises made me cringe. 😂
JT Vacca
JT Vacca преди 16 дни
10k percent beter is 8008 and 8 out of 10
Azuul преди 17 дни
The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation
Kylehitch05 преди 17 дни
‘Well I do really like it’. Continues to destroy it. :|
Charlie McLean
Charlie McLean преди 19 дни
The password is definitely just pacific
Ali Gujjar
Ali Gujjar преди 20 дни
Prakhar Rathore
Prakhar Rathore преди 20 дни
19:20 how is he doing that sound
Holly Edwards
Holly Edwards преди 22 дни
Happy birthday mumbo
IAmGr Gamer
IAmGr Gamer преди 22 дни
I just hope the slide doesn't flush you out of the building
Natalie Titus
Natalie Titus преди 25 дни
carter jelly
carter jelly преди 25 дни
Mumbo could use iskalls contraption in the heart
jake berry
jake berry преди 25 дни
3:59 Dad?
Sam Cooks
Sam Cooks преди 25 дни
do u read the comments?
Tamar Springel
Tamar Springel преди 26 дни
He should make it that if his base dies it should blow up
NALMAND преди 28 дни
Reality преди 29 дни
Day 6 of asking mumbo to use his old intro for at least 1 video
Adhikari Dingasing
Adhikari Dingasing преди месец
@ Check this out very helpful !!!
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 преди месец
The squeaking noises reminds me of when Velma tried on some of Daphnes clothes and was squeaking everywhere
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 преди месец
15:55 you onow what rich people that are players have, a glass floor to their swimming pool so you can watch the babes
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 преди месец
No taracotta?
jango 123
jango 123 преди месец
U mean saaaaaaaaaaaand mumbo jumbo
Josh M
Josh M преди месец
Hey mumbo could we get a more detailed video on the full heart design that we can come back to and reference without bouncing through episodes? If not that's ok. But the design is just so wicked.
Totallynotsilly преди месец
Mumbo used the stones to destroy the stones
SUPER SAMIK преди месец
Happy Birthday Mumbo
superperidot1359 преди месец
Happy birthday, Mumbo. Also, congratulations on 7 Million Subs. Well done, thanks for your videos.
Brody Ray
Brody Ray преди месец
Poor diamonds
Clickined преди месец
I Love❤️ how they can joke about 100,000 block projects and yet laugh👍
Darren Echevarria
Darren Echevarria преди месец
20:30 ( oh oh oh ok ok this is this is this is empty) 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Noah Möllmann
Noah Möllmann преди месец
happy birth day mubo. Sorry i am saying it late
Drake Graze
Drake Graze преди месец
Idk why but for some reason I fall asleep watching this videos while wearing headphones. And i really do enjoy his content
CORBIN TENORIO преди месец
is Hermitcraft no cheats?????
Yuxuan Tian
Yuxuan Tian преди месец
Everyone, focusing on pacific Me: nIcE iSlaNd
astrid Lake
astrid Lake преди месец
Me, wanting a shirt but watching it after Christmas ; -; I want my 12 bamboo shirt
Brock Mendoza
Brock Mendoza преди месец
10:33 what is that yellow and wood castle like build in the back
TeeTeeNet преди месец
I think the pool needs brighter tiles under the water, to get more of the tropical water look?
Ermolai Shapovalov
Ermolai Shapovalov преди месец
Daniel McGrath
Daniel McGrath преди месец
Code: P4C1F1C
RoBoDuDe преди месец
@Daniel McGrath ok I dont care rlly
Daniel McGrath
Daniel McGrath преди месец
@RoBoDuDe im new to the series ok
Daniel McGrath
Daniel McGrath преди месец
@RoBoDuDe what
RoBoDuDe преди месец
@Daniel McGrath lmao someone's soft
Daniel McGrath
Daniel McGrath преди месец
@RoBoDuDe ok jeez
Reece villani
Reece villani преди месец
Mumbo he said 6 at a 10 and you didn't even use your shock face
hyGreen преди месец
I haven’t been hearing the base heartbeat for some episodes, so this was bound to happen
Peekofwar преди месец
21:20 - Next time you make stone-brick pillers, you should replace all blocks hidden behind the stone-brick with diorite...
Visneer преди месец
I am not gonna watch the whole vid he is wasting his diamonds horribly.
blindboy9111996 преди месец
At the end, near the 19:00 minute mark, his levels dont show up
Dynamite Guy
Dynamite Guy преди месец
17:38 Kanye fans reacting to the MBDTF review
Apoorva Rai
Apoorva Rai преди месец
their slogan could be "designed for you s-pacific needs"
Nathan Martinez
Nathan Martinez преди месец
14:00 Grian Fell From a high place
Seth Allred
Seth Allred преди месец
i ordered your sweatshirt and it didn’t come until today :/
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD преди месец
RoBoDuDe преди месец
you self promote on loads of his vids shut up and just work for it instead
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD преди месец
@RoBoDuDe what
RoBoDuDe преди месец
shut up
Shishir Modi
Shishir Modi преди месец
Am I the only one who can't hear the squeak sounds? 😥😭
Shishir Modi
Shishir Modi преди месец
@RoBoDuDe I've tried using all my headphones, but I still can't hear them 😭
RoBoDuDe преди месец
yes you are
X Rocker Gaming
X Rocker Gaming преди месец
Maggie Linkletter
Maggie Linkletter преди месец
the code is pacific
RoBoDuDe преди месец
we know already
Kieran Dawson
Kieran Dawson преди месец
Is the ceiling of his base made of ancient debris block thingys?
Mintraft преди 2 месеца
Attention! This minecraft server needs more players so its not as boring as it is make my day and all of the others on the server happy by joining It is java edition only Ip: sneaki.shock-zone.com dont scroll past
Priority преди 2 месеца
add grain to the project
lis cassey
lis cassey преди 2 месеца
Is it sad that iskall’s `mess’ is better than I could ever be at red stone.
Austin Chang
Austin Chang преди 2 месеца
I cant help but notice that iskall said what a pacific password and mumbo's three bottom letters on the pad were P A C. And also it ends in a C and "definitely does not start with a P"
RoBoDuDe преди месец
its kinda obvious
Thomas S
Thomas S преди 2 месеца
What does this mean? Killing the base and all that?
dudu liang
dudu liang преди 2 месеца
Hermitcraft needs a pet store.
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk преди 2 месеца
Use the IOU to make Grian help out with Pacific so it’s basically Sahara 2.0
SDKing3 преди 2 месеца
hey, just got my merch and it was printed on hanes instead of champion, anybody know why?
SomeOldGuy преди 2 месеца
if your base loses all of its lives it should explode completely and be utterly desroyed
Noob Slayer
Noob Slayer преди 2 месеца
The password is pacific to the secret lab
RoBoDuDe преди месец
we knoww
James Smith
James Smith преди 2 месеца
My old dog was named Basil. My grandpa said it exactly like you do.
James Smith
James Smith преди 2 месеца
Mumbo is one of the best rich people out there. Most of them are greedy.
Vir Silvam Survival
Vir Silvam Survival преди 2 месеца
You need a bow!
Lee Marco Salva
Lee Marco Salva преди 2 месеца
Happy birthday 🎂
butter moth
butter moth преди 2 месеца
Instead of a race with his base, he should make the chest his actual diamond storage so when his base dies he looses all his diamonds so it’s an actual cost
Chase Berkey
Chase Berkey преди 2 месеца
Raise the water level in the pool by one block
amr321 hejazi
amr321 hejazi преди 2 месеца
Mine for 24 hours **-**
Pesky Bird
Pesky Bird преди 2 месеца
instead of throwing the diamond blocks in the lava, give them to one of the hermits!
lednawleinad x
lednawleinad x преди 2 месеца
you could the floor of the swimming pool make white or at least more bright i think that'd look cool
The _Waffle-Barbarian1717
The _Waffle-Barbarian1717 преди 2 месеца
The base looks like plankton
A M преди 2 месеца
777 dislikes at the time I made this comment •-•
FieryAidan преди 2 месеца
Pacific's slogan It is pacifically great
FieryAidan преди 2 месеца
1:10 Iskalls doll
Memes and Stuff
Memes and Stuff преди 2 месеца
Yeet lazarbeam
Ama Rama
Ama Rama преди 2 месеца
Mumbo:Bassalt Iskall: Basil What i heard: *bathsalt*
silly face
silly face преди 2 месеца
for Pacific you could have minecart with chest that gets stopped at certain points and then goes to the next point when the shopper steps on a tripwire or pressure plate into the next section/area. and then at the end the items could be removed from from the cart and be moved through some sort of system that counts it and moves the items into a chest then gives some kind of tokens to show the price of it all.
Milly Ryan
Milly Ryan преди 2 месеца
18:01 why is that boat sunken...
Destiny’s Dawn
Destiny’s Dawn преди 2 месеца
They are very serious in meetings lol
Mr random 245
Mr random 245 преди 2 месеца
14:40 I thought he said bull crap
Amanda Craig
Amanda Craig преди 2 месеца
The code is PAC1F1C
Caden_1107 преди 2 месеца
Ok but seriously.... The roof looks SOO good
Harlan Ellinger
Harlan Ellinger преди 2 месеца
Don't tell mumbo about the you know what
Dragonchild 818
Dragonchild 818 преди 2 месеца
I got my 12 bamboo shirt today!!
Kurt Greene
Kurt Greene преди 2 месеца
dood you should make a yacht
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