Minecraft, But I can't stop Building

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Mumbo Jumbo

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If I don't place a block every 3 seconds, then I die and have to start again. Minecraft is normally a peaceful experience, with plenty of time to consider creative decisions. That is not the case with this Minecraft datapack developed by MSpaceDev - Where the minecraft player has to constantly keep building to stop themselves from being killed. This minecraft but challenge was a lot of fun, but definitely stressful!
BGpost - bgpost.info
Twitter - mspace_dev
Filming channel: bgpost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Reecicle0208 преди час
Mumbo: I’m building something I know very very well 5 Minutes ago Mumbo: I forgot how to make a piston door
Noonejustaguy преди 23 часа
That vid 12:34
Gabe Samuels
Gabe Samuels преди ден
When he said occasional creeper explosion in the beginning it reminded me how I almost deleted the work I have for a year because a creeper exploded my mob cars 86 times
Yäsh ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Yäsh ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ преди 2 дни
Sounds like a dream video
Sonia P Fit
Sonia P Fit преди 3 дни
Mumbo, do a realistic plane or boat that works. And you're my favourite youtuber, so keep up the good vids.
SwitchIt преди 4 дни
Same thing but survival
Scratchfan321 преди 5 дни
This is like me in real life, but instead of minecraft it's school, and instead of buildings it's doing work and instead of dying in game you die in real life
kylieleo0910 преди 5 дни
4:48 it was a smart transition but u didn't fool me :)
Marius Devine
Marius Devine преди 5 дни
do it with grian!!!
Lyria преди 7 дни
Everytime he had to search for an item I got anxiety
katie преди 7 дни
Imagine build swap with this
Kailaa Tillson
Kailaa Tillson преди 7 дни
Kailaa Tillson
Kailaa Tillson преди 7 дни
I am a spy ninja
I am a spy ninja преди 8 дни
Roblox but I can't stop playing
Andrew Carns
Andrew Carns преди 8 дни
*Wadzee* : “Hey”
Stacey Smith
Stacey Smith преди 8 дни
It would be good until u chose clay what the hell is clay
Piley010 преди 8 дни
Its actually a good modern house. Infant, I'm going to watch it again so I know how to build it
flache преди 8 дни
Time to buildswap with grian again x)
British Wrath
British Wrath преди 9 дни
Should have done it in survival from scratch with no blocks... 😕
Ritzy 258
Ritzy 258 преди 9 дни
8:47 mickey mouse. Is that you?
Dylan Winston
Dylan Winston преди 10 дни
i like the part where he placed a block
The Red Tophat
The Red Tophat преди 10 дни
Am I ok if I used his 3x3 piston door as a tutorial?
Ian Pether
Ian Pether преди 10 дни
you vs iskall vs Scar!
Anton Karlsson
Anton Karlsson преди 10 дни
Ronnie Sulfridge
Ronnie Sulfridge преди 10 дни
TOP 10
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor преди 10 дни
Pretty chill? Mumbo:I'll set this pulse extender to 3 ticks which will activate this piston into...
Lego Guy
Lego Guy преди 10 дни
I watched Joel and Lizzie do this
Mickey Cade
Mickey Cade преди 11 дни
This video is what it feels like to be ADHD.
Imaretard . 21 savage
Imaretard . 21 savage преди 11 дни
Everyone else: watching the build Me: waiting until his score is 69 and 420
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson преди 11 дни
I loved it hahah made me laugh! keep up the good work.
Fathomless преди 11 дни
Fathomless преди 10 дни
@GROOTS That’s reasonable
GROOTS преди 10 дни
pov: you see an annoying self-promoter and report him (you)
Zac Roth
Zac Roth преди 11 дни
In your next video, can you build a huge Star Wars ship?
Samuel Graff
Samuel Graff преди 12 дни
He is doing a better job of building like this than I could do in three thousand hours
Kelly Riley
Kelly Riley преди 12 дни
Mumbo Jumbo Videos but I can't stop liking.
Dimpayツ преди 12 дни
LAL_Little XD
LAL_Little XD преди 12 дни
This is givin me anxiety n I ain’t even playing
King Emy
King Emy преди 11 дни
Lol same
Ponçikgamer преди 12 дни
PigAxe преди 13 дни
Mumbo: I have not seen this timer below 4 Me: You died at the start of the video
Georgie Pepper
Georgie Pepper преди 13 дни
The only thing I learned from this video is that Mumbo only does laundry when he sweats
Dapper Magikarp
Dapper Magikarp преди 13 дни
*A N X I E T Y I N T E N S I F I E S*
Brickabang преди 14 дни
Grian needs to try this
RaStudiosGaming преди 14 дни
do the hardest redstone build you can in survival where every time you break a block it quadruples the amount of blocks that drop so if you break 3 redstone the third one will drop 64 redstone if you break another it drops 128 and so on
Bastian Aimut
Bastian Aimut преди 14 дни
Basically...Click bait.
Hadley Barkema
Hadley Barkema преди 14 дни
Who agrees me when I say that his first house kinda looks like a Ps5
NerdFlanders303 преди 14 дни
Minecraft is not relaxing. I get jump scared by cave noises, mobs and friends but if I don’t leave home then i won’t progress in the game.
Requiem преди 16 дни
Mohid Arf
Mohid Arf преди 16 дни
You should do a video were you only pick 9 items and you can only use them for the rest of the build
ESTHER MUSILI преди 16 дни
I feel like I am the only one who had to help the family defend against locusts I am tired
Fish face
Fish face преди 16 дни
do this in survival mode until you die ...maybe make the time, like, 10 seconds though...
AJ преди 16 дни
this man makes a piston door in less than 1 minute... i take more than 1 hour
Bryce Kim
Bryce Kim преди 16 дни
is it sad that this is better than all my builds?
Rochelle Anne Rivera
Rochelle Anne Rivera преди 17 дни
Minecraft But I can’t stop breakking
Lillith Oxford
Lillith Oxford преди 17 дни
Now do it on hardcore mode.
John Patrick De La Torre
John Patrick De La Torre преди 17 дни
school in a nutshell:
Gamer Kid 1243
Gamer Kid 1243 преди 17 дни
4:47 why
Azuul преди 17 дни
The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Sullivan преди 18 дни
How do you build a better modern house then I have ever built taking my time I love the game but suck at building
Aiden T
Aiden T преди 18 дни
This was the first Mumbo Jumbo video I watched At least I think so.
Jaclyn преди 18 дни
now do it in survival and beat the ender dragon.
Tamate Suriyamongkol
Tamate Suriyamongkol преди 19 дни
Xxwolfyeditsxx преди 19 дни
Do this with grin
Nate Larson
Nate Larson преди 21 ден
Makinguse Of These??
Paul Douris
Paul Douris преди 24 дни
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon repent it’s the best decision you’ll ever make Christ died for you so live for him
mithilesh baghel
mithilesh baghel преди 26 дни
Wanna hear a tractor? 10:11
quakerz преди 28 дни
I’d like to see Grian do this lol
Melissa Gong
Melissa Gong преди 28 дни
9:24 youre among us i can feel it i can feel it in my bones definitely
Reality преди 29 дни
Day 13 of asking mumbo to use his old intro for at least 1 video
IMPOS TERS преди месец
BGpost but i need to go to bed its 3:40 am
HF_nick преди месец
It's pretty smart to have such a system when you build a omega building and you want to know how much materials you used :D (timer with no limit you know :) Example: You're since 6 years in a Minecraft (Hardcore) world and build a lot of buildings. Imagine the score says 2491360 ^^ (proud of yourself)
PULVERIZER YT преди месец
4:48 lol you edited that part, cos the stuff in your hotbar changed...Nice editing tho
Sketchez Of Pain
Sketchez Of Pain преди 28 дни
Wow good catch
Stanley V
Stanley V преди месец
This makes me feel uncomfortable
Elliot Rolison
Elliot Rolison преди месец
Fact: you were toggling/fidgeting with something while watching
The Unknown Anomaly
The Unknown Anomaly преди 20 часа
Meme culture
Meme culture преди месец
Grian approved
Tristan Carter
Tristan Carter преди месец
minecraft but i cant stop building? that sounds like minecraft but your playing minecraft lol Edit: Now i watched the video and doubt that
NullWasHere преди месец
Minecraft redstone speedrunner in the making
Sketchez Of Pain
Sketchez Of Pain преди 28 дни
He might be able to beat a world record
manny light
manny light преди месец
Now do it in a New Survival World on any difficulty other than peaceful. Edit: Probably need a grace period of a couple minutes. And more than 5 seconds.
Glitchb0t5 преди месец
Somebody: how are you? Me: 0:56
Natalie Le
Natalie Le преди месец
Every time u breath this happens.
Ozlem Kurt
Ozlem Kurt преди месец
BILER ORTEGA преди месец
the piston which moved the block reset the timer to 5 again
fgamerz преди месец
Who else remembers the tiny piston house lol
ItzZaha преди месец
*this is how i always die in creative*
Jay Caveiro
Jay Caveiro преди месец
"minecraft is a relaxing game" me: ok, i think the cave sounds i would pick would be: Hello, slam, entrance, pass, overpass, fall, stumble,grunt and roar
CactiChris123 преди месец
this is like cranked in Minecraft
cringe vids
cringe vids преди месец
saying its not terrible is saying the same thing as im not mad im disappointed
Jeremy Hoerauf
Jeremy Hoerauf преди месец
That was stressful
Mr Wight Minecraft
Mr Wight Minecraft преди месец
I love redstone, but I also love command block's.
lx 826
lx 826 преди месец
ALEJANDRO Tejeiro преди месец
the unnerving calm background music makes it 100% more stressful
ShaunOnlyPlays YT
ShaunOnlyPlays YT преди месец
try to do this every redstone video and since you have to be fast then the video will be shorter and the redstone wont be so boring and u can show us how it work
Natalie Maybour
Natalie Maybour преди месец
USE FLOWERS 🌺 it makes it better
Ling Ling's Abandoned Son
Ling Ling's Abandoned Son преди месец
"Place blocks or die" I guess I can tell my parents that minecraft has the same mechanics as school
Thrush Da Wolf
Thrush Da Wolf преди месец
What if he used a hack and turned on scaffolding.
Natty Tadesse
Natty Tadesse преди месец
The house is not bad not bad at all
Jashwa Treadway
Jashwa Treadway преди месец
Imagine this in survival mode.
Jashwa Treadway
Jashwa Treadway преди месец
This is kinda like that meme saying you have 2 minutes to live and every breath resets the timer.
DanTheFoxy20 Play
DanTheFoxy20 Play преди месец
In the descripsion you said 3 s but its 5s
Sketchez Of Pain
Sketchez Of Pain преди 28 дни
Well he did do two seconds at the end
Ted Ware
Ted Ware преди месец
I had to stop this was too stressful to watch
Oliver Luja
Oliver Luja преди месец
Do a plane that can fly up down right and left please
Shadow Destroyer
Shadow Destroyer преди месец
Mumbo: builds redstone bank account Also mumbo: struggles to build a 2x1 redstone door 😭
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