WIRELESS Messaging in Minecraft 1.17

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Mumbo Jumbo

преди 2 месеца

In this Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A Minecraft Snapshot video, Mumbo makes use of the New Minecraft sculk sensors coming in Minecraft 1.17, the Minecraft: Cave and Cliffs update that was announced at Minecon Live 2020. This wireless redstone messaging system allows you to encode and decode messages over a wireless redstone line that spans hundreds of blocks. VERY VERY COOL!
Filming channel: bgpost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди 2 месеца
Anyone who says 'just use chat' is not my friend, and if we were on the same server I would make sure my wireless messaging system went to everyone but you.
Ceri Cat
Ceri Cat преди 2 дни
Now you just need a multi-user version with send/receive identifiers for the sake of your network. Enjoy Mumbo.
Greg Ellis
Greg Ellis преди 10 дни
Just use chat
Darth Spock
Darth Spock преди 23 дни
"Just use Discord"
James преди месец
is it possible to send a signal of a certain strength? for example, instead of using a counter you built a redstone contraption that triggers different sounds or actions, which in turn send out a signal with different strengths for an instant messaging system?
Jomo Gaming
Jomo Gaming преди месец
@Don’t Check My Profile if i click this it's going to end up in a long list of things not to do ending with me getting rickrolled. NOT TODAY!
KnYL3R преди ден
I'd love to build this but with 5 bit instead of 1 bit of information. Then you could actually use the alphabet.
sgt wolfi
sgt wolfi преди ден
can we have the download ?
Through the Quantum
Through the Quantum преди ден
MumboJumbo is the Alexander Graham Bell of Minecraft
Oliver He
Oliver He преди ден
Or you could just, you know, type it in the chat
squid bacon
squid bacon преди ден
2:10 The coder in me got VERY sad thinking about all the wasted information density since you decided not to use binary...
Ahmed Farhan
Ahmed Farhan преди ден
Do you have any world download for this?
Anthony Russo
Anthony Russo преди ден
Ramon Ric Santillan
Ramon Ric Santillan преди 2 дни
Mumbo is really funny when he says some thing to him self
Erumaaro преди 2 дни
you could have encoded the 16 possible messages into a 4 bit signal and sent it using 4 sulk sensors.
Vince Herera
Vince Herera преди 2 дни
minecraft has had working computers, and mumbo just created a wi fi router
YouveBeenGreeked преди 2 дни
No-one: Everyone: 00:00
pboca преди 3 дни
Add noteblocks to make notifications
slyphsoldier преди 3 дни
Doesn''t this only work over short distances? Won't the signal stop when it hits a sensor in an unloaded chunk
Slater Cochrane
Slater Cochrane преди 3 дни
i have one thing to say MUMBO IS A GENIUS
Chris Burrow
Chris Burrow преди 4 дни
This is basically UDP. If you did TCP you could get it to reset the message before getting the response... 😁
ItsGamingTime преди 4 дни
Is it possible to use items with letters as name and send a Code that the other Maschine drop them in a chest in the same Order. It will take long to send but it could be any sentence
SingularityGame преди 4 дни
Here is a hypothetical question: what if mojang cancelled the caves and cliffs update...? That scream you heard was Mumbo Jumbo. (And me.) (And the rest of the minecraft community, especially the redstone community.)
McClaps преди 4 дни
@Mumbo Jumbo Have you tried sending a message from a few hundred chunks or anything close to that to know the limit of the machine
Yakamura Chen Abacar
Yakamura Chen Abacar преди 4 дни
Just use chat
Watermelon Boy
Watermelon Boy преди 4 дни
Mumbo when 1.17 comes to hermitcraft you should set up a buissness where people pay you for you to build them message towers to whoever they want.
Brivio Timbuleng
Brivio Timbuleng преди 5 дни
*Mumbo has invented telecommunication*
BetterNot преди 5 дни
I'm expecting the first computer in Minecraft in 5 months
Doggy DancerYt
Doggy DancerYt преди 6 дни
Well if u just connect redstone at the back of lamp to ur base it's very simple instead of this
Ok_Sea_7234 - CODM
Ok_Sea_7234 - CODM преди 6 дни
morse code my man
gungis gingis
gungis gingis преди 6 дни
alexander graham bell creating the telephone, c. 1876
Kuraudina преди 6 дни
está re japi :'3
Hoda Ibrahim
Hoda Ibrahim преди 6 дни
No sense
BeenFX преди 6 дни
mumbo: wireless messaging! chat: i'm gonna end this man's career
Elias Kjærbo
Elias Kjærbo преди 6 дни
Elias Kjærbo
Elias Kjærbo преди 6 дни
Alternate Title: Mumbo re-inventing morse code in Minecraft
Dee Rosete
Dee Rosete преди 6 дни
For the long distance communication... The current receiver in the other end could activate different dispensers instead of lamps which shoot different items (different skulk strenths). Each dispenser has a river which meets to create a unified river (or railways with hoopers) leading to a nether portal. The dispenser chosen shoots its item to the river which flows to a nether portal. Then there would be a TNT-enderpearl machine. When it gets there, the item (instead of ender pearls) are lauched into the distance to another portal sending the item back to overworld on a farther distance from the starting point. Then thats where the other message-receiver can be placed to detect the signal strength and translate it to a readable message.
KaaruKUN 16
KaaruKUN 16 преди 7 дни
minecraft built-in chat: "am i a joke to you?"
Daniel B. Müller
Daniel B. Müller преди 7 дни
I've been trying to build this thing but i can't figure out some parts. Does anyone knows if there's a channel that explains how he does things or some way i could use to build it in my world?
CelestialTree преди 7 дни
Now I feel the need to make messaging using actual digital data transfer.
T DoctorWho
T DoctorWho преди 7 дни
It’s like enigma
Joinedcarrot GAMING
Joinedcarrot GAMING преди 8 дни
Okay okay wait. When that one person made wireless red stone he was complaining, but now he’s basically taken wireless red stone and is happy?
Lucciano Rauss
Lucciano Rauss преди 8 дни
you shoulb be working on nasa instead of minecraft
adam Young
adam Young преди 9 дни
Could you not speed that signal transmission up using more wireless towers? The receiving/sending mechanism would quickly get very big and complicated but I think it's possibe? Also For those who say "just use chat" what if it's a secret message? ...("just use discord") SHUT UP! The implications of this are amazing by the way, If you wanted to allow for multiple destinations for your message you would need to send a single at the beginning of your message to tell your hub (which splits off into several directions) were to rout your message. This is literally encapsulation of information on the internet. Now thanks to Mumbo people can start to teach the basics of networking using Redstone. Mine you, it would be really hard and not at all worth it but still! I can see it now, massive hubs serving as routers and switches, directing messages to different locations, using Redstone! So pointless, but so cool!
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 преди 9 дни
Counting up one at a time isn’t a very efficient method. Using binary is much better because the amount of possible things you can send increases exponentially with how many bits (pulses / pauses in this case) you have. 4 bits can have 16 different combinations so if you wanted to send message 13 for example you would do PULSE PULSE PAUSE PULSE (1101=13). Or you could do 5 bits for 32 characters and be able to send the alphabet. It would still be slower than preset messages but much faster then having to count all the way up to 26 in a worst case scenario.
Shashwat Rathore
Shashwat Rathore преди 9 дни
When all your Minecraft pets die, leaving you very lonely and no one to talk with...
Reaper Gaming Inc.
Reaper Gaming Inc. преди 9 дни
What about wirelessly turning on an automatic farm?
D'Niel Hugo
D'Niel Hugo преди 10 дни
Why dont you just use chat
Daniel Montiel
Daniel Montiel преди 10 дни
10:46 - 10:59 what the guy who created texting felt like
Spyro2002 преди 11 дни
The fact that I learned about encoders and decoder recently in university has massively increased my excitement for this
Ali Naqi Rizvi
Ali Naqi Rizvi преди 11 дни
@Mumbo Jumbo You should make a very simple skulk internet in Hermitcraft
brandideloach7722@gmai.com преди 12 дни
icsde2002 преди 12 дни
Me personally, when the official 1.17 update is gonna be out, i'll try to do a 8bit system, where you can write words, but how it will words, idk =)
HumanP3rs0n преди 12 дни
You just created a telegram without the wire.
R1CHER GT преди 12 дни
Mumbo Jumbo: Wireless messaging Text Box: Why are we still here
Bubblegumbro100 преди 12 дни
Did java get the cliffs and cabes update already?
King преди 12 дни
Joshua J Gauthier
Joshua J Gauthier преди 12 дни
I wonder how far this can actually send, can it go out of render /loaded distance? Let's say, from my plains base to my jungle bass /2000 blocks
p p
p p преди 12 дни
You could make it use more code.
Chilly Willow
Chilly Willow преди 13 дни
This man literally remade the telephone. Gram Bell would be proud, and confused what this block game and computer are
ThE_DeCaYiNg_OnE преди 13 дни
you shouldve made three and f=put something in the middle so you can send a mesage to one person instead of both so you can put i t in hermit craft
Willy G Rags
Willy G Rags преди 13 дни
Someone needs to start programming with this
dumb crap
dumb crap преди 13 дни
why dint you just use morce code
Mik3 G4m3r
Mik3 G4m3r преди 13 дни
Longer we wait, minecraft is getting even more realistic. This machine, that Mumbo created, is the real life telegraph used years ago...
Kittens Okopnik
Kittens Okopnik преди 14 дни
I know you probably won’t see this, but could you do something like pausable flying machines with messaging machines on them? I’m sorry if this won’t work in Minecraft, I’m more of a builder than a redstone genius.
hamza masood
hamza masood преди 15 дни
The internet
Carli Ciaramella
Carli Ciaramella преди 15 дни
If this is how my computer works, *i want out*
Anupama B k
Anupama B k преди 15 дни
FredzBaz 6263
FredzBaz 6263 преди 16 дни
When lockdown hits you so hard you start talking to yourself with redstone in minecraft
regav преди 17 дни
world dl pls
Anton LetsGoDipping
Anton LetsGoDipping преди 17 дни
at 7:41 you can see the thumbnail background to the left
Sol Gladio
Sol Gladio преди 17 дни
I hope this is the same level of joy that people had when the telegram was invented. Those first beeps must have been quick exciting for something that now seems rather mundane.
Flit преди 17 дни
Mumbo you over complicate things
Noob преди 17 дни
I was almost hoping he would make morse code
StunningGaming преди 17 дни
This would be useful if you’re in a war and you need to send secret messages
Aliyor Esoev
Aliyor Esoev преди 17 дни
you are smart
Azuul преди 17 дни
The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation
Octavian Progamer
Octavian Progamer преди 17 дни
And that is how actually was
Jessica says Woof
Jessica says Woof преди 17 дни
Wow he explained the modern language in a minute
Apfers преди 17 дни
Text chat and voice chat have become obsolete.
Michael XO
Michael XO преди 18 дни
Or you could have a book travel through a bunch of hoppers for the same effect basically
Mr Zen
Mr Zen преди 18 дни
Mumbo Jumbo inventor of 1G
Tysseley Sirene
Tysseley Sirene преди 18 дни
The beginning of Discworld's Clacks
Gabriel Willis
Gabriel Willis преди 18 дни
Oriya Peretz
Oriya Peretz преди 18 дни
When the 1.17 will be on hermitcraft you can sell a messaging system to everyone and than make it be a choose able reciver
Minecraft Overlord PE
Minecraft Overlord PE преди 19 дни
I have only one qualm. If I were to create a REALLY long one, as in the last server I played on I lived 1000 blocks away (I'll never be going that far again) how can I deal with unloaded chunks?
Aniket Patil
Aniket Patil преди 19 дни
big brain boi
Dany SanAv.
Dany SanAv. преди 20 дни
Challenge: make a way to save each messege, each time it reset, a paper with the past message drop and saves in a chest, si You now what messeges have passed
lifeinsepia преди 20 дни
you should binary encode the messages rather than sending a variable number of pulses. you can get 256 different messages with only 8 pulses this way, or your 15 message system can be encoded with only 4 pulses!
Andrew Lawson
Andrew Lawson преди 20 дни
barry must be sad xD
Elizabeth Jungbluth
Elizabeth Jungbluth преди 21 ден
now add single letters :)
Evan Golden
Evan Golden преди 21 ден
Mumbo has officially re invented the telegraph in minecraft
BinderFluids преди 21 ден
*reinvents morse*
Griffin Stewart
Griffin Stewart преди 22 дни
what's so funny on your phone lemme see bro
koli преди 22 дни
We need a decoder and encoder. Mojang get your priorities straight
Riley Lucier
Riley Lucier преди 22 дни
Need a way to store messages until the recipient clears them!
EVIL ROBERTO преди 23 дни
Basically it's a wireless telegraph in minecraft. Cool!
Jean H
Jean H преди 24 дни
so we have quanrantines in minecraft now...
random guy person
random guy person преди 24 дни
Win the update cums he should bild a bunch of them from home to home.
Doe-Pa-Doe Gaming
Doe-Pa-Doe Gaming преди 25 дни
Harrison Martinson
Harrison Martinson преди 25 дни
Sadly this doesn'tn't work across long distances. The entire data line would need to stay loaded during transmission. You would need a chunk loader.
Thing Central
Thing Central преди 25 дни
tamaki kinnies wya
DR.yman.G преди 26 дни
A chat but in private and hackable [coding never included] and the antivirus is not invented yet in the sculk
DR.yman.G преди 26 дни
Bruh the chat is the internet
DR.yman.G преди 26 дни
Minecraft can operate a computer confirmed /○\ confirmed again
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