Hermitcraft 8: Episode 6 - MY NEW WEAPONS

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Mumbo Jumbo

преди 3 месеца

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo combines the drops from his Minecraft Ghast Farm, Minecraft Enderman farm and Minecraft Blaze farm to create a fully functioning End Crystal Farm. This wolf blaze farm allows us to have a fully automatic AFK blaze farm in Minecraft, where the blaze are automatically killed by wolves giving XP and Blaze rods. He then meets up with Rendog on Hermitcraft to test the End Crystal explosion!

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди 3 месеца
I've seen a few comments asking why I am in creative mode and have command blocks in my blaze farm testing world... Well, it's because it's my blaze farm testing world. Also, I know wolves teleport but they tend to teleport stupidly so lead is best, and looting doesn't work for wolf kills.
Black Flamer
Black Flamer преди 2 месеца
@David Rahd just shut up. please.
MoominSxOxO преди 2 месеца
you can make a chickenb farm with a fox killer with a looting 3 mending unbreaking 3 sword and possibly sharpness 5
Darelumga преди 2 месеца
@David Rahd will you ever get the joke?
Bloxter912 преди 2 месеца
It's sad, but statistically, with the amount of people that watch these videos, there will be a percentage that still thinks you cheated on the actual server. :/
Minty Playz
Minty Playz преди 2 месеца
Dusk Sonata
Dusk Sonata преди 8 часа
It is so interesting to see how Mumbo makes farm designs where you aren't actually doing any of the killing. I would have never thought of a wolf powered blaze farm in my life
ross rennie
ross rennie преди 12 часа
1:00 probably the same mindset as a small angry German man in ww2
Volo преди ден
Mumbo: the blaze farm is humane Isn't it the same as a slaughter house? They don't manually kill them in slaughter houses
Horatio yen
Horatio yen преди ден
2b2t pvp
Vili Mäkinen
Vili Mäkinen преди 2 дни
You should put one ender crystal in someones house!😂 It would be hilarius😂
JUST 2HI4U преди 2 дни
Gods words to you just before he kicks your soul into a newborn at 7:30
Simmski преди 3 дни
What is with the... Random violins?
alpacaofthemountain преди 3 дни
Slaughter, war. and plants should be Mumbo's new saying...
Malachi Knight
Malachi Knight преди 3 дни
Evan K
Evan K преди 4 дни
the man Ren just experienced inadvertent murder 💀
Burrito Man
Burrito Man преди 5 дни
3:56 yeah mine does that too
Ashton Taylor
Ashton Taylor преди 6 дни
Nice show
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson преди 7 дни
Hmm, decorative trapped hallway? A hallway lined with end crystals with a dispenser load with arrows aimed at the crystals.
Derrick Victor
Derrick Victor преди 9 дни
“I haven’t officially killed anything on the Hermitcraft server”… every psychopath justifies their genocidal actions. 🤣
Bri Studer
Bri Studer преди 9 дни
this really inspires me to build stuff, thanks mumbo!!
Broken lamp gaming
Broken lamp gaming преди 10 дни
Um… where did you get that rotten flesh from
Totoro art
Totoro art преди 11 дни
Mumbo: leads already tamed dog Me: Yow know I love ya but man....omgGOOOOOOOD
James Taylor
James Taylor преди 16 дни
Charles Manson technically didn’t kill anyone lol
Soule _Lusifer
Soule _Lusifer преди 17 дни
The dog is the scout from attack on Titans
Hendrik Nigrini
Hendrik Nigrini преди 17 дни
If these contraptions don't count as cruel or as killing, then I didn't commit several cases of murder in 27 countries, my 9mm did
Watch and Talk with Faith
Watch and Talk with Faith преди 18 дни
My anxiety going up thinking the wolf will just fall of the edge and start dangling on the lead.
Volcanic bear
Volcanic bear преди 18 дни
Lol Mumbo can kill without blood in his hands like a genius assassin
Amogus Sus
Amogus Sus преди 19 дни
2b2t moment
LIGHTNING INC. преди 20 дни
Ahhhhhhhhh! Go to the spruce forest
Joshua Peek
Joshua Peek преди 21 ден
Mumbo using his 2b2t skills
Sina Samadian
Sina Samadian преди 21 ден
Why he is leashing a tamed wolf?🤦🤦
Lj преди 12 дни
Read the pinned comment 😃🔫
dancingtarget преди 22 дни
Peace love and plants
NinjaBearFilms преди 22 дни
13:30 on the time lapse it looks like superspudsman is crouching behind his shield and just shaking in fear.
Dillon Dugger
Dillon Dugger преди 22 дни
Probably a Stupid question, but how did he get a blaze head?
beans beans
beans beans преди 23 дни
that backround muisc when mumbo was takeing dogo in the chamber mhhh dat muisc
Random Internet Guy
Random Internet Guy преди 23 дни
Potato mumbo + blaze head = burnt potato.
Normal преди 23 дни
There’s a whole community that uses crystals for Pvp without hacks lmao
Dodo Badawy
Dodo Badawy преди 24 дни
Ahh yes "peace,love and plants" 6:38
Boopernaut Ap'adams
Boopernaut Ap'adams преди 24 дни
Does no one know about trading with librarians to get glass?
WeirdWithJay преди 24 дни
Imagine being able to put looting on your pets
DragonBoyJana преди 24 дни
give da dog a name
Anonymous преди 24 дни
Bruh this was months ago he barely talks about it anymore
Pixel Brew
Pixel Brew преди 24 дни
Now if you were to hold a looting sword with your shield...would that still work with the dog killing the blazes? 🤔
Aiden Pelletier
Aiden Pelletier преди 25 дни
0:51 he sounds like that kid who goes hunting with his dad or grandpa or something and can’t bring himself to shoot anything, or manages to shoot something and then vows to never kill anything again
Stolf преди 25 дни
So mumbos vision of peace love and plants is basically just white collar crime.
rhythm life
rhythm life преди 25 дни
I mean you can use old fashion crystal aura but like that's cheating
Kevin Langner
Kevin Langner преди 25 дни
Imagine mumbo sees crystal pvp
Richard Lízner
Richard Lízner преди 25 дни
20:16 i love the perfectly cut scream
Suhail Bhardwaj
Suhail Bhardwaj преди 25 дни
why doesnt he make a trident killer? would it count in the player stats?
Nick McCartney
Nick McCartney преди 25 дни
Peace, love, and terrorism
Xenotric преди 26 дни
when mumbo doesnt realize he could just have an army of wolves!
captian mc
captian mc преди 26 дни
Mumbo:he died of natural causes Grian:you killed him Mumbo:death is natural
Ros Visothkun Rengsey
Ros Visothkun Rengsey преди 26 дни
"This will be a cruelty free season" The mobs in the farms rn: PLEASE KILL ME I BEG YOU IT HURTS, PLEASE END MY SUFFERING
epicmadlad_ преди 27 дни
15:48 Mumbo: Has he gotten away with it? Pig: *nods* 😅😅
Frostblade преди 27 дни
Mumbo is the best!
Little Fox 'Kai'
Little Fox 'Kai' преди 27 дни
A sheep in wolves clothing?
Oracle преди 28 дни
Do they make a degree in restore engineering? Mumbo should get one
ThePurpleAnon преди 29 дни
15:08 The huge ghast farm... The ender pearl grinder... The blaze farm... Is this what it's all been leading up to? Mumbo is even more evil than I ever knew
Ginge преди месец
Foxes....holding swords? Ooookay.
that random channel YT
that random channel YT преди месец
Mumbo finna move to 2b2t's bedrock spawn
Zooning -
Zooning - преди месец
9:49, such a hypocrite, makes all this talk about doing things humanly, absolutely bludgeons all those nether wisps to death with his bear hands (the fire)
Zooning -
Zooning - преди месец
4:29 weebs, otakus, and nerds alike, all started frothing at the mouth.
Johan Kjellstrand
Johan Kjellstrand преди месец
Doesn't F3+T work for afk:ing in 1.17?
Kasaen преди месец
When that dog dies, he’s just gonna stay where he is
R Seater
R Seater преди месец
Mumbo black airforce energy
Yan The Man
Yan The Man преди месец
please use a axe illager with a johnny name
Yan The Man
Yan The Man преди месец
you killed with someone else's knife
Jayden_0570 преди месец
"Nah putting mobs on fire is bad" "Exploding their heads of is ok"
Jayden_0570 преди месец
"Peace, love and plants" "Pushing a rock in the face of a blaze till they die is ok"
Sydnie Speer
Sydnie Speer преди месец
"Tell me where your friends are" made me laugh so hard
Reptil7 Gaming
Reptil7 Gaming преди месец
name the dog trail-blazer!
raspberryice преди месец
Episode 1 Mumbo: peace love and plants ✌🏻 This episode Mumbo: 👹pEaCe 🔥lOve 💔 and plants 🍂 💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥
Archangel преди месец
He hasn't satisfied his killing needs in so long he has become a deranged murderer finding anyway possible to kill something without killing it..... IT MAKES SENSE OK!
Boosted Rival
Boosted Rival преди месец
Why do you break your furnaces to grab the xp? You know you can just smelt something then grab it from the finished slot and you get all the xp
q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m
q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m преди месец
if you hold a looting sword in your offhand, it still works
Aqdas Ekram ꪜ
Aqdas Ekram ꪜ преди месец
Zeph преди месец
This is starting to feel like 2b2t
R2 D2
R2 D2 преди месец
I want mumbo to do an rtx gameplay series
Demon преди месец
Sad for 🐶
Dominic Ballinger
Dominic Ballinger преди месец
Ok, here is an idea for breaking leaves fast. Get a hoe and hold left click. No end crystals needed, and an excuse for making an enchanted netherite hoe. :D
wars gaming
wars gaming преди месец
That poor dog im so sad XD
Iam Ava
Iam Ava преди месец
2b2t vibe
Fhex преди месец
ahh yes 2b2t pvp
MurpL преди месец
did anyone notice the strider riding a strider in the background when he was building the farm at 05:35? lol
llamacarft преди месец
2b2t type beat
Shadow Dawn
Shadow Dawn преди месец
Ah yes, flashbacks to my 2b2t days
YaMoonSun преди месец
Couldn't you use a bunch of dispensers filled with snowballs to kill them?
Michael Plantarich
Michael Plantarich преди месец
I'm predicting that the last episode of season 8 will be Potato Boy going mad and massacreing everyone and everything in the server
veljko angelovski
veljko angelovski преди месец
he is like jigsaw: "i am not a killer, the choice is theirs"
Patrick uity
Patrick uity преди месец
Mumbo Jumbo:Reject swords and axes,embrace 2b2t
masterme1337 преди месец
Mumbo high risk mode on this one. Chest to store things I don't need for lava work? Nah. 2 dogs so I can breed them and take 1 in case something kills it on hell? Nah.
Israheal Cortez
Israheal Cortez преди месец
Have you tried getting two wolves then breed them then get 4 or 5 wolves to make sure the blaze dies in one go
Andrea Hobbs
Andrea Hobbs преди месец
16:02 rip techno
Costalflame преди месец
Name the dog mumbo blaze killer jumbo the dog 🐶
Tahlia Johnson
Tahlia Johnson преди месец
Me using keep inventory in all of my worlds: *My intelligence is beyond your comprehension*
qazwsxedcjimmy1 Raze
qazwsxedcjimmy1 Raze преди месец
LamaPlayz преди месец
You are in the right place
Oliver Stonier-Gibson
Oliver Stonier-Gibson преди месец
Renthedog: Ahh Sh...
G fuel gamer 69
G fuel gamer 69 преди месец
Oi why don’t you have an atm business idk how it would work but it would be cool tbh
Lolstein137 преди месец
2B2T combat right here
Best Username
Best Username преди месец
crystals are meta
Lil King Drago
Lil King Drago преди месец
*2b2t intensity’s*
LYKAN SPXRT преди месец
lotus ._.
lotus ._. преди месец
why dont you just spawn protect the Nethertunnel
saintlemus преди месец
That build with the long apider legs in yhe background is terrifying
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