Hermitcraft 8: Episode 17 - SERIOUS BUSINESS!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In today's episode on the Hermitcraft Season 8 Server, Mumbo Jumbo conducts serious business. Firstly by counting the profits from the Hermitcraft Harmless Harvests store, then by restocking Harmless Harvests, then conducting an incredibly important Hermitcraft Boatem meeting, which as the Boatem C.E.O I was leader of. Taking the sports horses out of Boatem and terrorizing Cubfan and Tango, then finally doing some preperation for the back of my Hermitcraft base, before starting a new Hermitcraft shop next to the G-Train!

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Horatio yen
Horatio yen преди 9 часа
what about the potato shops and also camp fire song?
Horatio yen
Horatio yen преди 9 часа
shout out the the person who had the track ready
V3nomGaming7 преди ден
Lol I love the thumbnail
Sky Con
Sky Con преди ден
I hope that in a future season, the theme will be "bare backs". All builds, or at least bases, need to have an unfinished back
Russell Mooney
Russell Mooney преди ден
"And because I'm going to be eating Jaffa Cakes, let's do this in a timelapse." makes me remember: "I'm eating a Curly Whirly right now, but it's nice to see Xisuma."
ohtrueyeahnah преди 2 дни
He's trying to Curly Wurly us like last time with these Jaffa Cakes!
Caleb Boone
Caleb Boone преди 2 дни
This was such a funny episode! :D
Lucy Charlotte
Lucy Charlotte преди 2 дни
did anyone else realise that at one point when he pressed tab, his kill number said 1? or was that just me? 12:31? 😳 i'll pretend i didnt see
V3nomGaming7 преди ден
Also there's no way other hermits have really low kill count
V3nomGaming7 преди ден
That's not kill count It was number of days without using elytra
KingGoose преди ден
oh no
alpacaofthemountain преди 2 дни
20/10 best company ever no goofing around (great video btw)
bristol64 8
bristol64 8 преди 3 дни
Shen scar says guys I took his bed it gave me flashbacks to hermit challenges
emir onay
emir onay преди 3 дни
Charlie Buccellato
Charlie Buccellato преди 3 дни
Mumbo: Cheapslate Also Mumbo: I've peaked actually lamo great work
Esper преди 4 дни
So cool to see him on Minecraft Live today!
G fuel gamer 69
G fuel gamer 69 преди 5 дни
Use the deep slate for a giant crucible of potions and it would be a potion shop
Vayun Yadav
Vayun Yadav преди 6 дни
Le Gamer Of Stupidity
Le Gamer Of Stupidity преди 6 дни
Mumbo: Peace, Love, and Plants! Save all life! Don't kill any animals and replant trees! Also Mumbo: I will go on a killing spree in order to celebrate a profit.
Mimzie:] преди 7 дни
come on Mumbo, you can do it! pave the way put your back into it!
Captain America
Captain America преди 7 дни
Pause at 13:21 for a free grian face. Also why is there no comments talking about this.
LiqwdE преди 8 дни
Ah, jafa cakes... how I miss them...
Kyle Hoskins
Kyle Hoskins преди 8 дни
Mumbo I've only watched Season 6 and 7 but I have never laughed harder than in this season! I love this :D
ElementKingaming преди 8 дни
mumbo: I dont like killing things Also mumbo: *Sets explosives* "Ah, the joy of things dying"
Fua преди 8 дни
easy fix say out of stock when your farming for it with a sign
CHTech Industries
CHTech Industries преди 9 дни
He shouldve sold the bed to scar. After faking a crater, blaming a creeper, sell it for soome ice
Clicktuck преди 9 дни
CEO (whatever it is) born in 1964 jeffrey, jeffrey bezos (yes im a bo burnhum fan)
Ephraim Guidry
Ephraim Guidry преди 10 дни
sell deepslate
I set orphans on fire
I set orphans on fire преди 10 дни
Peace love and plants and everything but “The more things that die the happier I am”
Aksel Kahar
Aksel Kahar преди 11 дни
That1HockeyKid29 преди 11 дни
The vegan teacher would be proud
Joey_shark 8
Joey_shark 8 преди 11 дни
Mumbo asked for a better name than cheapslate and I’m here to deliver sooooooo Deepslate Morrisons
ShadowXloner преди 12 дни
Man, Minecraft and Jaffa Cakes, it's like 2011 all over again.
DEADENDER преди 14 дни
M n M's Mr Mumbo Ems Lol
Yeetasaurus Rex
Yeetasaurus Rex преди 15 дни
Was the zombie that was killed Alfred?
Luke DeFranco
Luke DeFranco преди 16 дни
Anvil: contains lots of iron Hopper: contains lots of iron MUMBO: I don’t have much iron so instead of a anvil I will place a hopper 😐
Stephen Kirby
Stephen Kirby преди 17 дни
What's the song name @ 10:05? Low-key slaps
V3nomGaming7 преди ден
Level up - Jono
Nate Morris
Nate Morris преди 17 дни
mumbo: the more things that die the more fun I have. also mumbo: peace love and plants
{Nikkō 日光 }
{Nikkō 日光 } преди 18 дни
J W преди 18 дни
no your first episode you were in shorts and not a patat
deadmahn【死人】 преди 19 дни
This reminds me of sports cars just rev bombing lmao
helen towers
helen towers преди 19 дни
“The more things that die, the more fun I have” *a few seconds later* “I think this ‘peace, love and plants’ thing is catching on” *just under 2 dozen minutes later* “Many deaths later, I’m feeling good.” *a few seconds later* “My conscience is guilt free, peace love and plants”
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди 20 дни
Grian would rather be delighted to see "CheapSlate", than getting annoyed.
Lion Lance
Lion Lance преди 20 дни
Ah, mumbo jumbo, the man who didn’t realize silk touched deepslate and cobbled deepslate are different...
kolim jone
kolim jone преди 19 дни
"I've always felt like we should make a bingo card that predicts what he's gunna say" sounds familiar to Boyle bingo
gravityfallswirdo преди 20 дни
Botem inc. is a cult. And I love it
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди 20 дни
BUY A BOATEM "what is a boatem??" I lost it
Spud58 преди 21 ден
I was thinking this would happen in an earlier episode, lol when you were clearing the storage area, I was thinking it's a shame all those materials are just left to disappear when you have the whole backside left to do...
Misared преди 21 ден
watched Jono making a beat out of that on his live stream... it was amazing lol
Ren Abenoja
Ren Abenoja преди 22 дни
I seriously wanna know the title of the soundtrack they're using for the Fast and Furihorse
Me преди 22 дни
bro ur pc is a beast
Crump79 Gaming
Crump79 Gaming преди 22 дни
there's structures that are going to be *constucted.* -Mumbo Jumbo, 2021
Jesh Jesh
Jesh Jesh преди 22 дни
Deapcheap is another good name
Reptil7 Gaming
Reptil7 Gaming преди 22 дни
cheepskate deepslate is better name!
Peppermint преди 23 дни
“We take off our elytra and we fall, when we hit the ground the meeting’s over” Well this is just a cult now, innit?
Crying Bro
Crying Bro преди 23 дни
Autonomous Society
Autonomous Society преди 23 дни
Ah Mumbo, now I want Jaffa cakes (For those who don't know, think biscuit with orange jam covered in chocolate)
Luna PositiveVibrationLocs
Luna PositiveVibrationLocs преди 23 дни
You should watch elrichmc's video on re spawning obsidian towers on the end with flying machines
Luna PositiveVibrationLocs
Luna PositiveVibrationLocs преди 23 дни
And I believe he's friends with Tango too
Luna PositiveVibrationLocs
Luna PositiveVibrationLocs преди 23 дни
He's Spanish but he's bilingual he could help you if you reach out
Clayton Damborsky
Clayton Damborsky преди 23 дни
"I've always felt like we should make a bingo card that predicts what he's gunna say" sounds familiar to Boyle bingo
Ryder Silbe
Ryder Silbe преди 23 дни
Sell deep slate
Vision YT
Vision YT преди 24 дни
Your still condoning killing things just not by your hand Per se
Tyler Dunphy
Tyler Dunphy преди 24 дни
BUY A BOATEM "what is a boatem??" I lost it
EverythingGenuineship_8471 преди 24 дни
Mr Mumbo Jumbo you can perhaps make a chunk loader next to the ghast farm to improve efficiency?
Noveltea преди 24 дни
“I’m chuffed” *explosion* “Jubilant* *explosion* “Joyful” *explosion* “Delighted” *explosion* “Gleeful” *explosion* “Jocular” *explosion* “Cheerful” *explosion* “And most importantly -” *explosion* “-content :)”
TheEndlessGG преди 24 дни
Ok, but what are "Premium Derpcoins"
Deeker Jones
Deeker Jones преди 24 дни
I have been laugh-crying for 20 straight minutes over the damn horses.
Deceptive Con
Deceptive Con преди 25 дни
"It's not a celebration unless something dies, and it's not a party unless many things die. The more things that die the more fun I have." -Mumbo K. Jumbo 2021
rueblimaster преди 25 дни
I think u can just hold a looting 3 sword in your hand at the blaze farm
Sophi C
Sophi C преди 25 дни
Mumbo pulling pranks on Grian and making it look like he’s just a potato head
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen преди 25 дни
Something about scar and creepers
butterapplego преди 25 дни
what is that song???
Bailey Hartog
Bailey Hartog преди 26 дни
12:33 his score is 1, did he kill something?
Isaac Evans
Isaac Evans преди 26 дни
1:17 how many shots did he have to record of that to keep his voice smooth
Isaac Evans
Isaac Evans преди 26 дни
0:02 that face will disturb me for all eternity
MannyMC преди 26 дни
Only just realized that the potato head was actually a head edit: about 5 minutes later, he reveals that it was his big brain
ms. cakey
ms. cakey преди 26 дни
When mumbo said that he should make a bingo card predicting what grian will say, i immediately thought of Boyle BINGOOO! (brooklyn 99)
alex kade
alex kade преди 27 дни
Born in 1995 c.e.o entraupeneur Mumbo mumbo jumbo come on mumbo you can do it pave the put your work into show us why tell us how look at where you came from look at you now🔊🎵
GamerGhost преди 27 дни
better name: keepslate
Lewis Abraham
Lewis Abraham преди 27 дни
I got a better name for the deepslate shop, "FREESLATE"
BindedIsaac преди 27 дни
"clear the area" *creeper clears area*
Skychaser the Dragon
Skychaser the Dragon преди 27 дни
Will you ever have a deepsale on your cheapslate?
Jared Skinner
Jared Skinner преди 27 дни
Throughout the season you and other hermits should just make a giant cube out of excess deep slate.
Blazing_fire преди 27 дни
... his kill count is 1
scalyraptor 1944
scalyraptor 1944 преди 27 дни
19:58 I KNEW IT!
logan oborn
logan oborn преди 27 дни
Report grian for poorly kept train tracks
Stephen Lewsley
Stephen Lewsley преди 27 дни
Geez bumbo... my face and sides hurt so much and I'm only half way through the episode... 10 out of 10... would boatem again :D
Kellin Nielsen
Kellin Nielsen преди 28 дни
Put a mumbo cam on the other end of the ghast farm, it should make it work
Senketsu Fi
Senketsu Fi преди 28 дни
8:15 the big G in pearls base is watching
Ian Jacobsen
Ian Jacobsen преди 28 дни
We're did super potato go
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu преди 28 дни
Mumbo! You should put a sign in Grian’s base that says, “If Grian is M&M and eats M&Ms, is he cannibal (⊙ˍ⊙)”
supier_men752 преди 28 дни
15:00 There is so much lag on the Hermitcraft server it would be basically impossible for me to play on a server this laggy.
supier_men752 преди 28 дни
"What is a Boatem?" Answer: A community of Hermits that is living in a circle around a sacrifice hole trying to create a business. Quick answer: A cult
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu преди 28 дни
sell the deepslate
Andrew Ragan
Andrew Ragan преди 28 дни
Season 8 Mumbo: 'Peace Love and Plants' Season 8 Mumbo after a great achievement: 'Time to go on another celebratory killing spree'
Luke James
Luke James преди 28 дни
Idk if it works on java but on bedrock if you hold a sword with looting 3 near a mob when it is killed it gives the looting effect
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi преди 28 дни
“It’s not a celebrations unless something dies” Mumbo 2021
UT Plays Nepal
UT Plays Nepal преди 29 дни
What was the name of the song they used?
Faelyke преди 29 дни
Once I catch up I'm going to have to whip up an animatic of some of these shenanigans. They're just waiting to be animated.
L E преди 29 дни
Whats the song they're playing??
Emmett Jaakkola
Emmett Jaakkola преди 29 дни
On the way down from the botem meeting they should spiral and land where they started.
Swiss Cheesus
Swiss Cheesus преди 29 дни
"its m&ms isnt it" -Grian 2021
נריה קוללי
נריה קוללי преди месец
OMG first this is the first video that I see in this channel and if you looking in BGpost mr.shibolet you will see the same skin!
LordSmitch преди месец
Does anyone know the name of the song that is being used? Almost folded in 2 in laughter
amanda 9024
amanda 9024 преди 29 дни
for the car donkeys its called tokyo drift
KingTora преди месец
What’s the song when they were riding the horses?
KingTora преди 29 дни
@amanda 9024 Thank you but I found out is “Level Up Mumbo Jumbo” but thank you nonetheless
amanda 9024
amanda 9024 преди 29 дни
Tokyo drift
Myra- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me💞
Myra- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me💞 преди месец
Grian would rather be delighted to see "CheapSlate", than getting annoyed.
Giogiο Perez
Giogiο Perez преди месец
Take off Your profile picture
Bree Drink
Bree Drink преди месец
What the name of the song?
amanda 9024
amanda 9024 преди 29 дни
tokyo drift
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