Minecraft VS My New PC

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Mumbo Jumbo

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I now have a new PC from MSI, With a GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, I9-10900K 20 thread processor, 128GB of RAM, this thing is a monster of epic proportions. I wanted to see how well it could cope with Minecraft pushed to it's extreme. Can I kill Minecraft? How smooth is playing Minecraft with a RTX 3090 GPU and a i9-10900K processor? We explode 1 million blocks of TNT, make a world out of TNT and sand, dispense thousands of chickens, run sonic ethers unbelievable shaders on RTX 3090, Hermitcraft shaders, Mumbos base with shaders, and load the Hermitcraft shopping district. IT'S A MEGA TEST!
MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB SUPRIM - uk.msi.com/Graphics-Card/GeForce-RTX-3090-SUPRIM-X-24G
WTB: www.scan.co.uk/products/msi-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090-suprim-x-24gb-gddr6x-ray-tracing-graphics-card-10496-core-1410mhz-gpu
MSI MEG Intel Z490 GODLIKE - uk.msi.com/Motherboard/MEG-Z490-GODLIKE
WTB: www.scan.co.uk/products/msi-meg-godlike-intel-z490-s-1200-ddr4-sata3-3x-m2-sli-crossfire-10gbe-wifi-6-bt51-usb32-gen2-tb3-e
CPU - I9-10900K
MB - MSI Z490 Godlike
GPU : MSI GeForce RTX 3090
RAM - 128 GB (4 x 32 GB) 3600MHZ Dual Channel
Storage: 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
Storage: 2 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
1200 W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
Custom Water loop
Modder who built the PC: mod83.com/

Filming channel: bgpost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди месец
READ BEFORE COMMENTING ABOUT SPECS/RAM! Minecraft runs on a single core, which is why I opted for this CPU as it's a good balance between single core performance (turbo boosts to 5.3GHz) and multiple cores for editing. I did look into AMD offerings but this still seemed like the best fit for me... And now I prepare for the million replies saying I am wrong! Second note - I didn't mean to read the specs twice, so it was an accidental flex, but a hard flex it definitely was. Third note - I ALLOCATED MORE RAM in the end (I forgot to do it in the first test). I went up to 8GB as I read that is the optimum, allocate too much and the data clearing causes spikes (This is something I experienced on my last system, however it's totally anecdotal!!). One thing to clarify, while in the shopping district it only ever reached 60% usage before being cleared, so it likely wasn't bottlenecking anything there. (Once again, could be wrong) Fourth note - keep in mind I was playing in 4K resolution while recording, my actual framerates without recording are slightly higher, and in windowed 1080p are MUCH higher (But I can't play at anything less than 4K!)
lucasade man
lucasade man преди ден
@FluePeakツ the new computer can handle it and like he'd have to get another computer and a thread ripper aren't great for like gaming
I dont know a good name pls suggest one
I dont know a good name pls suggest one преди 26 дни
I cant read
jonas dicaro
jonas dicaro преди 26 дни
@Adventures da faq
Ian Ault
Ian Ault преди месец
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X has better single and multi-core performance because of a higher IPC (instructions per clock) meaning it can get more things done per GHz. The 10900K is definitely not bad but not what I would have gone with. I hope you like your new PC Mumbo!
Mark Black1856
Mark Black1856 преди месец
Hello Mubo's Computer!
Bonnana преди 38 минути
NASA computers be like:
randomtrashgamer преди 8 часа
Please use shaders more often in videos!
Kommentator Jan
Kommentator Jan преди 13 часа
I Love that voice actor.
Ian R
Ian R преди 18 часа
HOLY wow insane
No Name
No Name преди 18 часа
Computer: lags because of chickens Mumbo: It wasn’t me, it was the man in the chicken costume
Black Wolf Boi
Black Wolf Boi преди ден
Russian accent go brrrrrr
Gyperior YT
Gyperior YT преди ден
Me looking at what mumbo’s new computer Saying: i hope my 1 gb phone can do that
Vixen Sashi
Vixen Sashi преди ден
i9-10900k 3090 128gb of ram? holy mary mother of god... a pc to challenge minecraft with shaders and 48 render distance...
Hannah преди ден
What happened to his suit?
EPK EPK преди ден
8:16 comment: That's what you call "Chicken Pox"
EPK EPK преди ден
48 Chunks max render distance? If you think that's high, I have max 64 without halting and I have a LAPTOP
The Gaming Dragon
The Gaming Dragon преди ден
Every youtuber is cool
Every youtuber is cool преди ден
You mean scars base
Gamerboi Extreme
Gamerboi Extreme преди ден
My mcpe can't even handle me pushing a single block with a piston
Gamerboi Extreme
Gamerboi Extreme преди ден
11:00 Rip NASA power pc 2021-2021
Gamerboi Extreme
Gamerboi Extreme преди ден
"It's just one block of TNT." Famous last words
Narwhal Myth
Narwhal Myth преди ден
0:33 LMAO WTF I thought this was minecraft vs pc
Jopher Rusinque
Jopher Rusinque преди ден
Who needs a benchmark test when you could just do all the things you knew were not possible in MC
Shurayuki_ преди ден
u got 128 gb of ram tf i only have 16 and can almost run shaders on 2 chunks and u can with 2x render and like 30 chunks what the god of god and god
Wawancraftia Plays
Wawancraftia Plays преди ден
Mumbo:**very excited to see full render distance** Players with potato pc but with bedrock render engine: FIRST TIME?
Seth Clark
Seth Clark преди 2 дни
i have a screensaver on my pc lol
Tyler Brell
Tyler Brell преди 2 дни
Minecraft had a massive sudden heart attack at 11:01
I_HaveNoFriends преди 2 дни
Malachy Giles
Malachy Giles преди 2 дни
4:11 I've counted, the block is 28,420 blocks in total
Ville Ahlman Høyen 05SME
Ville Ahlman Høyen 05SME преди 3 дни
I like how when he breaks the sand, it says 0/0 FPS
Chew Bacca
Chew Bacca преди 3 дни
his computer crashed at 3.8 million entities
fing преди 3 дни
"128Gb ram"
Ghxst jojo
Ghxst jojo преди 3 дни
How much that setup cost?
Ghxst jojo
Ghxst jojo преди ден
@Fauzan Rafiq if somone was to buy it bro...
Fauzan Rafiq
Fauzan Rafiq преди 2 дни
f r e e
Elfer Charpentier
Elfer Charpentier преди 3 дни
I had no idea what he was saying that whole time
stsddsod преди 3 дни
Is that Iskall? I cant tell
Mudroom Studios
Mudroom Studios преди 3 дни
they are unstoppable
Shakib Hedayat
Shakib Hedayat преди 3 дни
Mumbo Jumbo: Has 128GB of RAM in his PC *Only uses 2GB for Minecraft*
МрКачок преди 3 дни
You use only 2GB of 128GB......
wellbeing Team
wellbeing Team преди 3 дни
what ram sticks does he use
Daniel Abou chahine
Daniel Abou chahine преди 3 дни
“It’s just one piece of tnt, what’s gonna go wrong?”
Carol Brummel
Carol Brummel преди 3 дни
You lost a life
TraverseIce преди 3 дни
10:05 dat fps wow
Lego MarioMaker
Lego MarioMaker преди 3 дни
Mumbo: This is a natural disaster Me: Yes this is a chicken tornado
The One
The One преди 3 дни
128GB of ram for what
Kenza Rezyarifin
Kenza Rezyarifin преди 4 дни
Mumbo is the only one person that like collect redstone when mining and like his game crash
Luigi Sena
Luigi Sena преди 4 дни
A ryzen 7 5800x is better then the i9
ConstantLime830 преди 4 дни
please explain how you got seus renewed with no buggy lighting, i have to turn smooth lighting off because it lights up the bits where the regular Minecraft shading shades it dark.
Mattyboss Jacob
Mattyboss Jacob преди 4 дни
mumbo: ITS A GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, I9-10900K 20 thread processor, 128GB of RAM, with alien like properties! some chickens: i'm about to ruin this pcs whole career
mk преди 4 дни
Aaron von Heimburg
Aaron von Heimburg преди 4 дни
5900 boi 16 core
•xoxsnowdrop• преди 4 дни
Bruh, he made a whole trailer for his pc
Vague Zalez
Vague Zalez преди 4 дни
phonix fantom
phonix fantom преди 4 дни
I actully have a more powerful MSI
Ur pc sucks af
Marvin The gamer
Marvin The gamer преди 4 дни
My phone can handle that tnt amount and even that number of tnt times infinity because i can replace all of a non flat world without a single crash not even one million lag machines can produce one decimal of lag. MY PHONE IS ALL POWERFUL. (Also all of this is true and sorry for all caps for one sentence.)
Red Diamond
Red Diamond преди 4 дни
B h hybridization hy hyhh
BroJoe 7
BroJoe 7 преди 4 дни
How did you get shaders?
spectralite wolf
spectralite wolf преди 4 дни
ill take the old pc
Josias Esterhuizen
Josias Esterhuizen преди 4 дни
evry one: yes! i got my new pc ima play some games mumbo:DESTROY
Jess Hadfield
Jess Hadfield преди 4 дни
WOW, his computer makes mine look like a quisanart
JustDior преди 4 дни
This makes my pc look like a rusty tin can
Alin Popovici
Alin Popovici преди 5 дни
How to make your computer cry: 1) Install Minecraft 1.16.5 Optifine (if you haven't already, also you must be on creative mode) 2) Generate an amplified world 3) Get an anvil and Riptide V (to enchant a trident) 4) Equip the Elytra 5) /weather rain 6) Do not go into desert biomes 7) Jump off a cliff, press space (activate elytra) and then hold right click for 3 seconds while raining 8) Repeat step 8 really fast 9) Watch your computer burn.
cool cookie
cool cookie преди 5 дни
Do you know what this number is: 100000000000000
jerry преди 5 дни
Mumbo, the sugarcane was probably 700 or so blocks away.
Rohit преди 5 дни
Mombo:my pc can't get better Ryzen threaddripper:am I a joke to you
Fauzan Rafiq
Fauzan Rafiq преди 2 дни
minecraft run on single core not Multi core if you insist want to run mc at multi core ITS just makes the performance even worse
sam wegener
sam wegener преди 5 дни
"A wall of poultry" LMAO
CR - 09VP 717355 Lorne Park SS
CR - 09VP 717355 Lorne Park SS преди 5 дни
is the voice doc
Myk Al
Myk Al преди 5 дни
ngl feeling a bit jealous. Ill have a pc like that in about a decade.
Raul Alan Del Angel Flores
Raul Alan Del Angel Flores преди 3 дни
2000 dollars is a Big amount 1000 is too Try a 700 one after couple o years of saving up
Nathan Dunaway
Nathan Dunaway преди 5 дни
Congrats on the insane PC! if you had bought all the parts and built it yourself, and not gotten it as a gift from MSI it would have costed around $6,000 or £4211.19!
Anime Potato
Anime Potato преди 5 дни
The fact that he made a mini movie on a new pc
irOn1k L
irOn1k L преди 5 дни
Dude AMD processor is better I recommend the Ryzen 9 5900X it will be so much better
Fauzan Rafiq
Fauzan Rafiq преди ден
intel is better at overclock capabilities
Mixable65 преди 5 дни
9:28 Execution of Minecraft - 2021
DeXE преди 5 дни
and i play on 60 fps :))))
Langdon Nirula
Langdon Nirula преди 5 дни
Nasa called, they want their computer back
Slawomir Drapinski
Slawomir Drapinski преди 5 дни
Typo in description, disliked, unsubscribed
Koalt9Playz преди 5 дни
Meanwhile, my PC gets warm trying to run mc at 32 render distance (cpu btw) Edit: My old acer laptop used to run WINDOWS 7, and screen savers were one of my favourite things to see
Time_YT преди 6 дни
But MUMBO!!!!! can it run minecraft with max shaders?
Da Boss
Da Boss преди 6 дни
Mumbo I think its the game that crashed not your pc!!!!
Wilzon 360
Wilzon 360 преди 6 дни
poultry man would be proud of you
Ben Roorda
Ben Roorda преди 6 дни
I had to check sure that my language was on English
ma kay
ma kay преди 6 дни
Look at all those chicken
A Master 907
A Master 907 преди 6 дни
5:58 I was actually scared of what was gonna happen and yes I got scared ALOOT
Shocknaw преди 6 дни
marciek преди 6 дни
Mumbo: this computer has 128gb of ram His game: well ma boy you’ve given me 2gb and that’s all I can use
Enrique Perez Hernandez
Enrique Perez Hernandez преди 6 дни
His build reminds me of a steven Universe building
ScryTv преди 6 дни
is there actually no one questioning why he has 128gb ram but only allocated 2gb to minecraft :D
Pranav Kulkarni
Pranav Kulkarni преди 6 дни
After an hour of research and 2 hours of being medicated as I fainted. I calculated the cost and it's You Trusted Me to calculate? USD 6720$
Pranav Kulkarni
Pranav Kulkarni преди 6 дни
And I didn't faint IRL
Pranav Kulkarni
Pranav Kulkarni преди 6 дни
And I didn't faint IRL
Krisztina Takacs
Krisztina Takacs преди 6 дни
You do know grian is keeping your base alive?
MrSamoila преди 7 дни
every normal person: "I'll make a slightly above average gaming pc to play games with my friends like GTA and COD mumbo jumbo: "I'LL NEED A COMPUTER FROM NASA TO PLAY MINECRAFT"
Orionater преди 7 дни
This is a very rough estimate but I think I figured out how many diamond blocks were in those shulker boxes that were in those double chests. 1,213,056 diamond blocks in total. Just thought that was interesting.
Sergio Ayala
Sergio Ayala преди 7 дни
7:34, smallish beans heaven
The Parkour Gamer
The Parkour Gamer преди 7 дни
mumbo laughing as he kills minecraft is surprisingly wholesome
Death Strider
Death Strider преди 7 дни
How people in Nagasaki felt
cawesome преди 7 дни
What. This man peaked over 500fps in the shopping district. What
cawesome преди 7 дни
I love the cut to “can it load the hermitcraft shopping district...without lagging?”
MeCrumbly429 _
MeCrumbly429 _ преди 7 дни
Great! Now install gentoo!
Lucas O.
Lucas O. преди 7 дни
Mumbo flexing his videographer skills
Pokémonfan _2009
Pokémonfan _2009 преди 7 дни
6:22 Elon musk is gonna make this a thing when we colonize Mars
JakedaCake преди 7 дни
7:41 poultry man would be proud
Drizazzle преди 7 дни
Little did he know that that would not be his base for long.
WolfCraft преди 13 часа
@Drizazzle yeah and search it on reddit there is actually evidence he did it
Drizazzle преди 13 часа
@WolfCraft he made the clock and the base swap thing I didn’t know that he made to clock thing?
WolfCraft преди 14 часа
He actually did know because he started the whole swap thing
TheIconicImo Morgan.
TheIconicImo Morgan. преди 8 дни
Yo There's A Better PC THAN THIS i9 Vpro
Carson McDonnell
Carson McDonnell преди 8 дни
has 128Gb of RAM... only has 2 allocated for minecraft
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 преди 8 дни
Are you going to start using path traces shaders now?
WhizPartyDoge преди 8 дни
"How bad can it be? It's just one piece of TNT!" -Famous last words of Mumbo Jumbo
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