Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - BRUCE WAYNE OF BOATEM INC.

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft season 8, Mumbo works on the Mumbo mega base, installing the batman waterfall entrance for my minecraft base, which will open up to the giant Minecraft automatic storage system. The giant Minecraft batcave entrance is activated by flying through tripwires. I also go even further into the Minecraft fast and furihorse rabbit hole, with a custom Minecraft tokyo drift song, and I get made CEO of Boatem Inc. in the boatem village on Hermitcraft.

JONO: bgpost.info/face/xUa...

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди месец
Jono went above and beyond for the intro song. Please check him out! His music is 🔥 bgpost.info/face/xUa3uuFiIibVf68CHs4wbQ And to clear any confusion, I edited the montage, and have edited 100% of every video I have ever made! 😊
Marcus Kelly
Marcus Kelly преди 12 дни
Hello 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🥶😵🤯🤠🤠🤠😱❣❣❣❣💞💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💌💌💌💌💕💕💕💕💕💟💯💯💯💢💥🖤💕💝💞🖤💝🤍💝🤎💌💚💫❣🤯❣❣❣🥶❣🤯🤨💦😇😃❣😇🥲😱😇😰😨😎😍😅🤤🤗🙁😳🙁😞😱😞😱😯☹😱🤛🙌💪🤛🤏👐👍👎🙏✊
Coolskeleton Is back
Coolskeleton Is back преди 14 дни
such a strange potato man
EpicFind преди месец
Biji Anil
Biji Anil преди месец
Say "ha-le-lu-ya"
Gomathi S
Gomathi S преди месец
Its so cool
Izuna 0729
Izuna 0729 преди час
having such a bad day and that intro made me laugh tears
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson преди 3 часа
Not me literally saying “Mumbo what have you done” as the video started and I saw this
Horatio yen
Horatio yen преди 10 часа
17:07 "small and slightly inconvenient"
Horatio yen
Horatio yen преди 10 часа
16:58 wow there are a lot of similarities
Gab Jul
Gab Jul преди 14 часа
17:00 um what
blackechobujo hi
blackechobujo hi преди 14 часа
The lack of comments about mumbo’s struggle to say hallelujah makes me sad HE TRIED SO HARDDDDD
Tay Palleschi
Tay Palleschi преди 16 часа
LMAO...all I gotta say.... Love this. Been a longtime fan. This made my day. Thank you, Mumbo!!
Tay Palleschi
Tay Palleschi преди 16 часа
Hearing Grian's smart ass comment in the middle...😄
vakettaja преди ден
this intro is the best minute of my life!
RusticGGG преди 2 дни
Me realising i don't know what a pulse is...
KIra преди 2 дни
Omg the intro ❤❤ Love it
The Ultimate Crab
The Ultimate Crab преди 2 дни
My parents are still alive. But that can be changed
Tracy Hanchett
Tracy Hanchett преди 2 дни
I am riding on my hors not a mule it go fast are lyrics
Matthias Hipper
Matthias Hipper преди 2 дни
The cinematic videography of Mumbo drifting "Horse" is quite literally the funniest thing ever
alpacaofthemountain преди 3 дни
Grain could be his sidekick... spud boy! (great video btw)
Brandon Rampersad
Brandon Rampersad преди 3 дни
that intro is just wow
Leannie Princess Lluz
Leannie Princess Lluz преди 3 дни
i would do an abandonde town
Sentis преди 3 дни
Translation: im a goofy gooper yeh Your a goofy gooper yeh (I forgot the lyrics)
Aetherisme преди 3 дни
When does the sequel to fast and the furihorse come out
Spencer Pearson
Spencer Pearson преди 3 дни
Rinding on my fast horse that is actually a donkey yeeaaah in tokyo
Aroe преди 3 дни
Amazing storage system 👌
Cloudlesscube9 преди 4 дни
I love the start of this episode
Vincent Nocera
Vincent Nocera преди 4 дни
I need the mod for the horses. And I invited you to my Tokyo Drift Minecraft realm Its Called "Tokyo Drift"
ahiruアヒル преди 5 дни
Thats the first time i seen mumbo use an anime song remix in his videos
boim преди 5 дни
the best minecraft opening i've ever seen
theWolfa преди 5 дни
make pixelart of night sky, than make map, coppy, make little room, put the maps in item frames and here you go.
BHL_Highlights преди 6 дни
I love how at the star it cut to grian watching mumbo jumbo 😂😂😂
Derrick Victor
Derrick Victor преди 6 дни
That door entrance is just magnificent!
Alison Little
Alison Little преди 6 дни
Connor Boyle
Connor Boyle преди 6 дни
I’ve come back to watch this intro multiple times
Le Gamer Of Stupidity
Le Gamer Of Stupidity преди 7 дни
Best intro, love Grian being so confused by the*interrupted by my own laughter* random car horse
Oriana Neulinger
Oriana Neulinger преди 7 дни
Totman - aka Chip Boatem of Boatem Industries Put a ranger school in the planetarium - train the other hermits to love nature!
Simou Seimou
Simou Seimou преди 9 дни
I want that Song on spotify
Isaiah Turley
Isaiah Turley преди 9 дни
yeah you missed a great opportunity with the music.
Qushai MDN
Qushai MDN преди 9 дни
Whats that intro🤣
Thomas Brothers
Thomas Brothers преди 9 дни
14:36 *I like your funny words magic man*
The Frost Bard
The Frost Bard преди 9 дни
maybe you can make small biomes in your base!
The Frost Bard
The Frost Bard преди 9 дни
the translation is peace love and no pants forever
The Frost Bard
The Frost Bard преди 9 дни
you have to get a anime potato skin for the song
BorisTV преди 10 дни
I laughed so hard at that intro
P-Trish's Cove
P-Trish's Cove преди 10 дни
Peace, love, and planets ✌❤🪐
Homebrew Entry Denial
Homebrew Entry Denial преди 10 дни
lyrics: “you got a cool horse but nobody else can see it’s sick paint job”
Master1delay преди 10 дни
Best intro ever
NotAGoat преди 11 дни
I mean, to be fair, Odea was a cool concept. The only problem is that in the Hermitcraft server and indeed in most of Minecraft, everyone furnishes their own base and if they need a redstone device that they either follow a tutorial or order a custom one. Or in the case of the other redstone masters, build their own. Pass It On was arguably a success, and a cool idea, but it wasn't designed to make diamonds. Pacific was a really cool idea, it just came way too late in the season (seriously, though, I would've loved to see it in action, but alas, it wasn't to be). The industrial day pass sounded cool, but when you think about it, it just doesn't really work. It's just a somewhat lazier way of opening a normal shop to sell the things you produce there. It could've worked, potentially, by filling the niche of cheap deals on bulk goods without the hassle of negotiations, but bulk deals aren't common enough on the Hermitcraft server, and then of course there's the aforementioned issue with it leaving you without resources yourself. One thing is for certain: Mumbo's good at coming up with new ideas, which is an essential part of any good business as without it, innovation is impossible.
Nursyarifuddin Amir
Nursyarifuddin Amir преди 11 дни
"U might be able to notice"
Guillaume Genève
Guillaume Genève преди 11 дни
I'm playing minecraft listening to this video and I though the intro was an ad
Kellen Stinson
Kellen Stinson преди 12 дни
During the song it said cheese is bad yea I’m done here
Kellen Stinson
Kellen Stinson преди 12 дни
Btw I’ve only been learning that language for about a month
vojta strop
vojta strop преди 12 дни
this intro is nuts how on earth do u comeup with this XD Im laughing so much
Logan Calapp
Logan Calapp преди 12 дни
mumbo is getting plenty of use from that $30 he payed for this game
Sp4ztic Goat
Sp4ztic Goat преди 12 дни
Marcus Kelly
Marcus Kelly преди 12 дни
😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤯 cool horse
Marcus Kelly
Marcus Kelly преди 12 дни
Use a poppet puppet wipes
Gangsta Chicken
Gangsta Chicken преди 12 дни
I’m fast as f boiii still fast as f boi
Izzyl. Jr YT
Izzyl. Jr YT преди 12 дни
The intro made me spit out my milk😖
Shyamala Varadharajan
Shyamala Varadharajan преди 13 дни
mumbo: this is pretty simple me:what is a redstone dust
Me преди 14 дни
Hold on am I tripping or did the intro song feature in subway surfers tokyo season 2021?
Nimesh Joshi
Nimesh Joshi преди 14 дни
Starting montage was best funny great 🤣🍻
Da Bosh
Da Bosh преди 14 дни
Count how much times he says the word “pulse” from minutes 14-15 it’s hilarious 😂
Cash Money
Cash Money преди 14 дни
The translation for the song is WAP but in Japanese
LIttle Butler
LIttle Butler преди 14 дни
Ah yes instead of the Tokyo drift don’t for the second time we get something that is almost the British baking show
Adam Winter-Smith
Adam Winter-Smith преди 15 дни
If you do go with the planetarium idea you could use moss carpets to prevent mob spawning without using light
CROW преди 15 дни
Technoblade: "I have my own figurine, I'm like batman... …except I still have parents."
Soule _Lusifer
Soule _Lusifer преди 16 дни
perry the platypus
perry the platypus преди 16 дни
The only issue is my parents are still alive. -Mumbo-2021
Galactic Bhanu
Galactic Bhanu преди 16 дни
The fact that if Grian sees the intro he will realise what he has done of the insult
Gaming Emporium
Gaming Emporium преди 16 дни
I am so glad I watched the time lapse of making the door AND ACTUALLY PAID ATTENTION cause now I know an easier way to make flush to the wall doors so thanks 😊
Hunter Eger
Hunter Eger преди 16 дни
That intro XD XD XD XD XD
John Dredge
John Dredge преди 17 дни
The Legend of Super Spud continues!
Falcon Gaming
Falcon Gaming преди 17 дни
if they have custom hats then jumbo should get one of the peace love and plants boss freak people out lol
Bob Dole
Bob Dole преди 17 дни
I haven't watched I like 2 months and this is what I'm greeted with?!?! I love you mumbo, but you're killing me
Kayson McLeod
Kayson McLeod преди 17 дни
Hey uh mumbos parents watch out (but that can be changed)
ace in space 2p
ace in space 2p преди 17 дни
Ben DePoppe
Ben DePoppe преди 18 дни
After all this time, he still has an amogus in his base.
V R преди 18 дни
noice intro
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson преди 18 дни
It says go fast go fast go fast fast fast fast fast wanwaawwanwa
LIGHTNING INC. преди 18 дни
Its so weird how you can say things but if you think about saying them you can’t.
Craionell преди 19 дни
The intro is the best
Tamino Sachsenweger
Tamino Sachsenweger преди 19 дни
Didnt know Mumbo was into Cars, but I love the Fact.
Aaron Bowers
Aaron Bowers преди 20 дни
Scar should get paid more!
KoalaCreature преди 20 дни
Intro on point
Andy Stangl
Andy Stangl преди 20 дни
Mumbo this seasons is giving me more poison ivy then Batman vibes
Joshua Peek
Joshua Peek преди 21 ден
His base sorta reminds me of the Mojang Minecraft world...
Trism преди 21 ден
Mumbo predicting the UK petrol crisis a whole month early.
Khaelthas29 преди 21 ден
The loo mountain should have a meeting room. A round table esk room.
Amelia Giles
Amelia Giles преди 21 ден
I imagined it going horse horse this is a horse
obsidian shard
obsidian shard преди 21 ден
Look like grian needs a KMOOMR hun mumbo maybe you could invent one and sell it to him his base seams to be under constant raids by sentient potatoes.🤣
Kush Lane
Kush Lane преди 21 ден
was there/is there a proper tutorial for the door?
captian mc
captian mc преди 22 дни
Best intro ever!!!
Brooke Bevilacqua
Brooke Bevilacqua преди 22 дни
Hello? 911? Tat Man's threatened his parents to become more like Bruce Wayne - I need backup immediately.
Blake Enter Last Name Here
Blake Enter Last Name Here преди 22 дни
My dad is dead so im halfway there to becoming b-tat man
Maldy 17
Maldy 17 преди 23 дни
"I just need a little bit of string which conviniently i had in my storage room" *while running away from Grian Base*
T. R.
T. R. преди 23 дни
5:00 “Ren helkp, wither free” There’s a story happening somewhere else…
Peppermint преди 23 дни
INTRO LYRICS (ROMAJI) Atto chokomaka tōjō takaku umarete tobidete chikyū jōda Sonna toki kara wakatteta kimi to deai koi ni ochi unmeida Koko kara hajimaru HUMAN PARTY warera tsunagaru ichi ni san shi Kyōmoashitamo I LOVE YOU kimi o mederu sore dake ga ROUTINE WORK Umarete tobidete chikyū jōda Deai koi ni ochi unmeida Umarete tobidete chikyū jōda (What _on_ *earth* is he doing? What a strange potato man…) Deai koi ni ochi unmeida Atto chokomaka tōjō takaku umarete tobidete chikyū jōda Sonna toki kara wakatteta kimi to deai koi ni ochi unmeida Koko kara hajimaru HUMAN PARTY warera tsunagaru ichi ni san shi Kyōmoashitamo I LOVE YOU kimi o mederu sore dake ga ROUTINE WORK LEVEL UP! Iku yo Umarete tobidete chikyū jōda
Lance Ozminski
Lance Ozminski преди 23 дни
I NEED that song on Apple Music like immediately
Lance Ozminski
Lance Ozminski преди 23 дни
I watched the first minute and 10 seconds an unhealthy amount of times
Autonomous Society
Autonomous Society преди 23 дни
I can't believe I see no comments for a potat cave and renaming the horse tatmobile
Reddik Smith
Reddik Smith преди 23 дни
I think it would be really cool to do a deep cave and as you look up it will become the night sky so your like really deep down in the cave but as you look up it's almost like it's a different world view you have
Mikayla Denton
Mikayla Denton преди 23 дни
The translation is God Save the Queen sung in Japanese
CosmicMonke преди 24 дни
Monke need translation
GODAssasin преди 24 дни
by what I know about Japanese, it says something about heart and dreams and that's enough
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