Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know

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In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo runs through all the redstone builds you need! These are all the Redstone builds every Minecrafter should know. It includes Minecraft auto droppers, Minecraft item sorters, Minecraft item elevators, Minecraft Keycard Systems, Minecraft button selector panels and 20 more! These are the 20 redstone circuits you need to get started with Minecraft redstone!
Filming channel:
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Dekio преди 8 часа
Joshua Francis
Joshua Francis преди 10 часа
Hey Mumbo! I forget some of my redstone every time I drop out of Minecraft for a while, so these videos are great! Some of the more finnicky things like item sorters are also great to hear about!
Xpert_Viper 1174
Xpert_Viper 1174 преди 11 часа
5:51 what'd he say?
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez преди 13 часа
I actually started to use Redstone because of you. and my god is it fun. like I have a simple device in my world that will transport items that I have fish up and send to my basement. I just need to get Redstone and try different designs to see what would be good for saving up Redstone and then i can have a efficient loot loader
Munkee Bone
Munkee Bone преди 15 часа
For the Redstone Lamp Button Panel, why are the adjacent redstone lamps lighting up and then turning off each time I push a button? Otherwise works fine. ^:^
Seth Evans
Seth Evans преди 16 часа
@12:00 It was at this exact moment, that my mind, was officially blown (which, really, that is such a simple little thing--swapping that one important block, but damned if I SERIOUSLY doubt it'd ever have even OCCURED to me to try that--been building pairs of "up/down" elevators next to each other since ever without even a moment's thought that there was room for innovation there!)
R Pickersgill
R Pickersgill преди ден
What would happen if you drop a sand block onto a smart piston?
EstGamez преди ден
I Do Not Understand The Redstone language :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Aiden Kelley
Aiden Kelley преди ден
One tick pulses.. right
Aiden Kelley
Aiden Kelley преди ден
Build 2 brokennn
Xiellion преди ден
Man, that dropper has so many unnecessary blocks lol
Enrico Ballan
Enrico Ballan преди ден
You act like you an engineer.... but its minecraft
RAFROST_141 преди 2 дни
im confused thinking about how confused i am
choco dog Nuarin
choco dog Nuarin преди 2 дни
I know how to use a comparator the first time
DXB6990ツ преди 2 дни
Mumbos “2 BRAINCELLS” turned into 2000,000,000 braincells
Galaxy_World преди 3 дни
3:05 say what now? That is Completely not true.
Aiz Toh
Aiz Toh преди 3 дни
Imagine an among us vanilla redstone and build. But the only commands and mods are skins and asthetics. Edit: hopefully they update the hopper minecart to send and receive items so quickly
Nicholas sanders
Nicholas sanders преди 3 дни
[VUT] Octo
[VUT] Octo преди 3 дни
9:38 oh I know what IM doing here...
OreDraws преди 17 часа
An octoling! Banish him!
Robotten Isak
Robotten Isak преди 3 дни
the key card reader did not work
Ashleigh Playz
Ashleigh Playz преди 3 дни
I LOVE your Chanel I’ve built all of your red stone builds
w4rri0r skelee
w4rri0r skelee преди 4 дни
Water elevator doesent work
Cypu преди 4 дни
21:37 tuż to papieżowa liczba :0 21:37 right there is a pope's number :0
ChaosKamisama преди 4 дни
i've always loved redstone but with the last updates in minecraft i get lost, so, i fucking love u bro
Michael Ursitti
Michael Ursitti преди 4 дни
Highly recommend downloading the world. You can build a copy right next to the original, and them you can experiment freely. Just from these examples I get a better understanding of signal strength, powered blocks, etc ... I'll certainly be upgrading some of my puzzles in my old world accordingly. Cheers Mumbo!!!
Yeetmaster243 преди 4 дни
or can you make a treadmill by connecting yet again a redstone clock to the piston feed tape
Yeetmaster243 преди 4 дни
Hey Mumbo I have a question if you connect the piston feed tape contraption to a redstone clock do you think you can make one of those hallways the keep turning?
hanah kelly
hanah kelly преди 4 дни
dude can you make an Iron giant that actually moves
Jessie gamer
Jessie gamer преди 4 дни
do all of these work on bedrock? can someone plz list what ones do work like this: timestamp, name.
Flash 260
Flash 260 преди 4 дни
Hey Elon, my rockets are better than yours is the best description in the video.
Froggypeeps преди 4 дни
yo mumbo ya know you can use non stackable items for item filter
Maximizergamezz преди 5 дни
Make a red stone sensor during the skulk sensor
Thomas Canady
Thomas Canady преди 5 дни
Hey how would I make an item sorter for items that only stack up to 16
DracoIsAlive преди 5 дни
Imagine Elon Musk answers XD
Jaimie awake
Jaimie awake преди 5 дни
Filip Zamojski
Filip Zamojski преди 5 дни
When you relized you can use the feet system as a chest system to cycle through your loot 😂😂
Bobasto356 Jajola
Bobasto356 Jajola преди 6 дни
Wow this is genius and so cool at the same time :) i love it. And thanks for the world download
T Gordon Mayhall, Jr
T Gordon Mayhall, Jr преди 6 дни
Yes, it definitely helps.
Hunter Of Endermen
Hunter Of Endermen преди 6 дни
@12:30 BUD switches, any minecraft veterans, you know what that is! It's amazing how they are still in the game!!
Hunter Of Endermen
Hunter Of Endermen преди 6 дни
"Piston Feed Tapes" are essentially the "ram" of minecraft, meaning you use them to store a solid block or a glass black which serves as the binary input of a computer. Basically you hook it up to a bunch of redstone lamps to create a "monitor" of sorts and have 13 redstone torches in the shape of an eight (3 on top, 3 in middle, 3 on bottom, and 2 on either side in between the top and middle & middle and bottom) For an easier visual understanding check out CNB minecraft, he's an older (idt he even makes videos anymore) but his RS builds are incredible. I still use is RS potion build to this day. Mumbo, you'd love his bat cave!!
Hunter Of Endermen
Hunter Of Endermen преди 6 дни
So @6:30 that item sorter suuucks, imo of course. It is notorious in breaking on me when I add multiple item sorters in a row like that, I personally can't stand it. So, I present the rattlesnake item sorter: @3:00 TyrusWoo explains why the og sorter is garbo @7:10 He starts explaining about his rattlesnake item sorter. He means well with his intro, but it's got some lag to it.
Hunter Of Endermen
Hunter Of Endermen преди 6 дни
So @6:08 there is a solution in forcing the hopper minecart to release it's items super quickly. The hopper with the powered rail on top, just replace that hopper with a hopper cart inside of a block so you can put a powered rail on top of it. How's that done you ask? Simple, by using a piston to push the block into the minecart hopper, just make sure you remember to break the rail that you placed when placing the hopper cart on top of, otherwise the piston doesn't do anything.
Mir Laboratories
Mir Laboratories преди 6 дни
Is it just me or do a few of these not work?
FruittyXD преди 6 дни
Which version is that
Str8 Fazing
Str8 Fazing преди 6 дни
anyone having the problem where u build the elevator correctly and it gets stuck going up then down and never chooses one direction so u have to be lucky to reach the top
Mir Laboratories
Mir Laboratories преди 7 дни
wow. iv been building a redstone computer but ur contraptions make it look simple
Storm Sweetly
Storm Sweetly преди 7 дни
I made a zero Tick suger cane farm and I really wanted to learn more redstone so I'm here now
Shashwat Rathore
Shashwat Rathore преди 7 дни
He said right. Exploring something complicated you haven't done is easier than explaining something you know very well to those who don't know but in a very detailed beginner way. Good job! I really got help with the Minecraft with Hopper transportation system and sorter.
Smasher 2015
Smasher 2015 преди 7 дни
lol where is the 4x4 redstone door?
Emma Stewart
Emma Stewart преди 7 дни
Can someone help me im trying to build the one that needs a certain item to activate Redstone but instead of the dropper item going into the Hooper the hopper keeps dispensing into the dropper instead please help
Emma Stewart
Emma Stewart преди 6 дни
@Samzeess Official Yes thank you!
Samzeess Official
Samzeess Official преди 7 дни
Hope that helps
Samzeess Official
Samzeess Official преди 7 дни
You need to place the hopper on a block then remove the block, rn your hopper is connected to the dropper, it needs to not be connected to anything
Weebzy преди 7 дни
2:24 why didn't the sticky piston pull the block??
Matthew Writer
Matthew Writer преди 7 дни
3:45 Would it be possible to use this to set all of my auto farms to send their output directly into my huge item sorter? Speaking of auto farms, how close do I need to be to my auto farm for it to work? If I put my auto farm under ground, can another player stand directly above it and cause it to fill up my storage?
Karl Abou Jaoude
Karl Abou Jaoude преди 8 дни
I dint understand a single thing when you explain but i learned alot of things not everything!
Tom Grady
Tom Grady преди 8 дни
PookyPlushyWorld преди 8 дни
I went searching for redstone and found mumbo
Smarty преди 8 дни
I Rebuilt these in my redstone world and it took a while to rebuild them 1 by 1 and then i saw a world download...
Tim Haynes
Tim Haynes преди 8 дни
Are you still doing videos
Tobias Newland
Tobias Newland преди 8 дни
mumbo I play minecraft with the boys in a realm on my xbox one and i tried your simple flying machine and i’m 99% sure i’ve done it correctly but every time i press the button it takes about three presses before it actually works (this problem is both for up and down) anyone know what to do?
KaTz_ Gaming
KaTz_ Gaming преди 8 дни
The second one dont work
Immortally Annoying Gamer
Immortally Annoying Gamer преди 8 дни
Ummm... I tried the first one and it didn't work.
marsha dailey
marsha dailey преди 8 дни
Love your vids! I cant stop watching them and love your redstone tutorials. Pls keep making more awesome vids.
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor преди 9 дни
You’re the best redstoner ever known
FighterG12 BG
FighterG12 BG преди 9 дни
Nice works i have problem on redstones so im gunna watch this till i be good at redstone
Dom Dom
Dom Dom преди 9 дни
#2 doesn't work on bedrock, I suppose due to pulse lengths
BARN3S преди 9 дни
Thanks so much this is 100% exactly what I was looking for!!!
Trish SchaMont
Trish SchaMont преди 9 дни
I made the first machene work with bedrock
Sam Tobin
Sam Tobin преди 10 дни
Anyone else still super confused? lol
select academy
select academy преди 10 дни
Alternative name for RS norlach Manual redstone hopper clock
Jaksen Stemple
Jaksen Stemple преди 10 дни
Where do u learn dis?
Nicholas Valentine
Nicholas Valentine преди 10 дни
I'm wondering if you know of a way to push a dispenser with a piston.
C. burst
C. burst преди 10 дни
*cries in bedrock edition*
Zico Zicowo
Zico Zicowo преди 10 дни
This video just made me realise how little i know about redstone
mk преди 10 дни
Dvrkvneki преди 10 дни
Gamertron Wins
Gamertron Wins преди 10 дни
how many times did he say fairly in the start
i am cronk
i am cronk преди 10 дни
i love your redstone videos and i never know what the hells going on
Wyatt K
Wyatt K преди 10 дни
9:37 piston feet tape
Diana Csala
Diana Csala преди 11 дни
U inspired me to make a rainbow beacon changer
callMeTora x
callMeTora x преди 11 дни
Now i finally get it how to have a system that makes my chests looks like i would put items in the right chets XD Thx man
Sara Chilton
Sara Chilton преди 11 дни
How do you build the,?
that_one_lazy_guy _06
that_one_lazy_guy _06 преди 11 дни
im even more confused
MirrorKnife преди 11 дни
How do you make it so that the dispensers put items into other things, namely other dispensers and chests. I've tried it multiple times and it just doesn't work. Edit: never mind, I just figured out that its droppers not dispensers, not sure how I missed that
Cakenaddo преди 11 дни
The key card reader isnt working. im on java
nunya beeswax
nunya beeswax преди 11 дни
I honestly love that you talk a little faster than other people I watch. I have adhd and when people talk slower I often zone out a lot. Sometimes I even change the speed in the settings lol. When people talk a bit faster though, I have to focus more on what they're saying, so I guess I'm saying thanks? Idk just wanted to put that out there :)
Daan Blokpoel
Daan Blokpoel преди 11 дни
1:24 That contraption does not work. When the middle part is deactivated, and you hit the outer ones. The middle redstone lamp also lights up...
Rundøwn Games
Rundøwn Games преди 11 дни
Tripz ZR
Tripz ZR преди 12 дни
My brain kinda hurts
Le Kaizen
Le Kaizen преди 12 дни
1:46 2:43 5:31 6:15
eri преди 12 дни
feet tape
ye mum
ye mum преди 12 дни
ye mum
ye mum преди 12 дни
Talu Aysan
Talu Aysan преди 12 дни
'Item sorterer' - mumbo jumbo
Gubix S
Gubix S преди 12 дни
That item sorter doesnt work i did it in my survival world and hoppers cant pick up items
Eric Blanchette
Eric Blanchette преди 12 дни
my thoughts while watching this video...what is this for what is that for when will I use this ever. but hey thanks for the random tips and tricks on redstone
Roberto Castillo
Roberto Castillo преди 12 дни
My brain when building redstone builds : IQ 500 my brain while playing with motors robots transmitters : IQ 3570958065
J N преди 12 дни
You lost me at confused
Warded Mirror
Warded Mirror преди 12 дни
i made lowe's
Aiden Osborne
Aiden Osborne преди 12 дни
im only capable of making a 2x2 piston door. i am confused
demondreamer 56
demondreamer 56 преди 12 дни
why do i watch these like seriously i’m on bedrock and i’m no expert at all with redstone
SnowyChes преди 12 дни
this felt like one of my computer science classes. It’s interesting and I understand it at the end, but my brain hurts afterwards even though I understand it LOL
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