I made a Tiny Safe House in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo builds a tiny safe house in Minecraft. This Minecraft safe house makes use of Minecraft lava traps, Minecraft end crystals weapons, and also use the Minecraft immersive portals mod to create some interesting contraptions. I made a safe house in Minecraft, and it's very dangerous indeed!

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди месец
Oh to get inside you would use an enderpearl stasis chamber. Completely forgot to show that when I got carried away with all the mad portal stuff. It's also worth mentioning, I do this stuff for fun to experiment with interesting redstone concepts. There will always be flaws, and the only true safe house in Minecraft is a hidden one!
Rod Allen
Rod Allen преди ден
I'm scared
Rod Allen
Rod Allen преди ден
Rod Allen
Rod Allen преди ден
TheMagicalPotato преди 8 дни
Nikhil Sinha
Nikhil Sinha преди 11 дни
When talking about hidden one he is talking about the monastery
Amjad Saleem
Amjad Saleem преди 3 часа
28,728 ancient debris. There’s about a 0.00000132311977715877437325905292479108635 chance for you to get that per chunk. Yep, thats more than the chance of you getting three concurrent fully lit strongholds. I think it’s a better idea to use another block…
William Venzon
William Venzon преди 4 часа
you can just use a dimond block and turn it into a netherit block with a single netherit ingot
jacob miller
jacob miller преди 7 часа
I think mumbo should make a randomized defense so its not just one use and someone can figure out how to get in
SEBZED86 преди 8 часа
Mumbo, why haven’t you built this in “Last Life”?
Christopher Klein
Christopher Klein преди 18 часа
Just go under
TheDarkWolf2020 преди ден
just go thru the corner
Boomer Gotu
Boomer Gotu преди 2 дни
Yeah, completely unbuildable in survival mode. Over 16,000 netherite.
Nova преди 2 дни
Everytime he makes one of these I feel like he's missing out on potential content by having someone (such as the Grian fellow) come along and try to get past the defenses while Mumbo defends
Galacto bombs
Galacto bombs преди 2 дни
A youtuber called wifes made a video and it's called "the safest base in Minecraft" yep that is the title. The BGpostr almost gave up until he discovered your video do you know the safest base wasn't a bedrock cage, it was a hidden one and you left a comment about "and the only true safe is base is a hidden one!" Yep you chatted it I thought it was a fake myth but it was true. He almost gave up until he saw your video because it was Hidden and rare
Holly Gibb
Holly Gibb преди 2 дни
cornmeal преди 2 дни
Man i can't help thinking of like a 1x1 dirt Hut protected by a wall of Netheright blocks and pools of lava
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno преди 3 дни
How would the person who lived in the house get into the house without dying?
Nathan Morales
Nathan Morales преди 3 дни
I love mumbo's dark side, and this is why i like it
æ æ
æ æ преди 3 дни
mumbo The corners...
24k Catt
24k Catt преди 4 дни
Can’t you just go through the korners
Sarainia Angelsong
Sarainia Angelsong преди 4 дни
It's all good but what about the corners and tunneling underneath up into the center?
KANAK YADAV преди 4 дни
How many ancient debris do we have ti get for a full netherite beacon?? And how many netherite blocks will we need?
Racxer Bisenio
Racxer Bisenio преди 4 дни
IAM your biggest fan
Adhyan Kori
Adhyan Kori преди 4 дни
That would take 16,416 ancient debri
TheGameer Boi
TheGameer Boi преди 5 дни
16416 scraps
Charlie Li
Charlie Li преди 5 дни
and the only true safe house in Minecraft is a hidden one! (That sounds so wise!!!)
LuckyLec преди 6 дни
1 block of netherite = 9 ingots. 1 ingot = 4 scraps. 1 scrap = 1 debris. All in all, 36 netherite scraps and 36 gold ingots to make 1 block ONLY. 2 debris per chunk, so 18 chunks for 1 block. Wow. Think more when you made a netherite beacon in survival Minecraft.
Maverick Berkland
Maverick Berkland преди 6 дни
*Goes to the bunker* Mumbo: it doesn’t have to be beautiful Me: I’ve never made a bunker that cool before
Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones преди 6 дни
the amount of ancient debris you have to mine is 16,416 how long does that take? you need to look through an average of 27,660.96 chunks
ALVAR Hendrix
ALVAR Hendrix преди 7 дни
I really need to learn from Mumbo some redstone to you know, DEFEND my base
Benji14gamer преди 7 дни
It would require 3,059 ancient debris
Benji14gamer преди 7 дни
Wifies told me about this video
Austin Korneder
Austin Korneder преди 7 дни
19152 netherite scraps wow
Baby Warrior Chicken III
Baby Warrior Chicken III преди 8 дни
69420 ancient debris
MonoBrute преди 8 дни
Nobody: Mumbo: builds tack shooter from Bloons tower defence in minecraft
Bad Beanz (Triple Zone Productions)
Bad Beanz (Triple Zone Productions) преди 9 дни
12 ancient debris
Pumpkin Scary
Pumpkin Scary преди 9 дни
what about the corners
BrodyWilletts преди 9 дни
What about the corners you could walk right in with them. You should make a safe house that’s underground so people can’t dig in as well
Definate Human
Definate Human преди 9 дни
19,152 ancient debris for the wall
The dark Fish
The dark Fish преди 10 дни
Get grain to try to get passed the traps
EpicBoneMeal преди 10 дни
A stack of 76 blocks of netherite would do the wall. Like for more guys!
steven higgins
steven higgins преди 10 дни
Your corners are your weak point 😬
Liam Van Loon
Liam Van Loon преди 10 дни
And what if he goes through the corner
Gabe Frost
Gabe Frost преди 10 дни
16416 a ancient debris which is 4 and 3 quarters double chests
Communist_Snake преди 11 дни
Mumbo needs to make videos of grian trying to get through these defences
Tanush Kapoor :D
Tanush Kapoor :D преди 11 дни
This looks a like a clash of clans base ngl
William Abfalder as Lego
William Abfalder as Lego преди 11 дни
Wait it’s not fully secure The Underneath I could dig under the securities
Call In War
Call In War преди 11 дни
Now Just Add Some Mountains And I'll Call It Switzerland
ParanormalGlitch преди 11 дни
Im pretty sure you would need 16416 netherite SCRAPS please correct me if im wrong the math i did was 9 x 4 x 19 x 6 x 4104 x 4 (for the first layer of the wall btw)
Colleen Hudimac
Colleen Hudimac преди 11 дни
This is how much nether you need1000000000000000000000000000
Keenan Hartgers
Keenan Hartgers преди 12 дни
Mumbo: or he's gonna get a crytal to the face or an arrow to the knee Me: oh no he is gonna get boromired
Frootl00ps преди 12 дни
19 x 6 = 114 blocks/wall 114 x 4 = 456 blocks for all sides 456 x 9 = 4104 ingots needed 4104 x 4 = 16,416 scraps needed You also need 16,416 gold ingots for a total of 32,832 blocks mined. You will need *17* / 22 pickaxes to mine it all or *5* / 6 Unbreaking III pickaxes to mine it all. *Netherite* / Diamond respectively. Have fun mining lol
Frootl00ps преди 12 дни
Or have a mending pickaxe because you’re not a scrub
Neeraj Moitra
Neeraj Moitra преди 12 дни
U can throw an ender Perl while flying on top of the base and get ender perled inside And the nether portal will only activate when the tripwire is triggered but an ender Perl will trigger it and pass hit the ground before so u will be teleported inside
Bohoon Kim
Bohoon Kim преди 12 дни
It costs more than a netherite beacon to set it up.
NMB716 преди 12 дни
It would take 1026 ancient debris and there's approximately 2 debris a chunk so it would take around 513 chunks worth of netherite with about ten minutes per chunk so if I estimate it would be 85.5 hours to get that Edit: he doubled the netherite blocks so all of my math is wrong T-T
Zedlen преди 12 дни
I don’t know if you’ll see this but it would be cool if you could make a vault door with a code and when the code is entered incorrectly it lights flint n Steel and sends you to the nether. Using the portals obviously.
Aiden Wilson
Aiden Wilson преди 13 дни
What about digging below? :3
Stixx_06 преди 13 дни
You only have 2gb of RAM allocated to your minecraft. Surely you have enough to bump that up a bit...
George Foster
George Foster преди 13 дни
TendoFan преди 13 дни
No llamas were harmed in the making of this video.
Nicholas Relf
Nicholas Relf преди 13 дни
6:04 congrats mumbo, you made a tack shooter
Ke po
Ke po преди 13 дни
Warning: trespassers will be banished to the shadow realm
Pika4K1 преди 13 дни
1026 ingots
Pika4K1 преди 13 дни
This might be incorrect Siri did the math
Just A Generic Jotaro Hat
Just A Generic Jotaro Hat преди 13 дни
In the first 50 seconds of this video Mumbo just morphs into Kira Yoshikage
ROSHAN DOGE преди 14 дни
Hidden one wins
Honyok Gaming
Honyok Gaming преди 14 дни
“And we have moving pistons here so-“ Kaboom? Yes rico, kaboom.
Mikoto Suoh
Mikoto Suoh преди 14 дни
This should still work perfectly fine, right? Right?! That would be such a crazy defense mechanic to use in Last Life ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Creeper7ech преди 14 дни
You should get grian to try breaking into one of your houses I'm sure we would all love to see his reaction to it
Brad Macey
Brad Macey преди 14 дни
Pika Buds
Pika Buds преди 14 дни
How do you get in?
triaaaaaaangle преди 14 дни
i love the way he says “ingot”
Islam Elshaer
Islam Elshaer преди 14 дни
But then someone can just tunnel into it
some person on the internet
some person on the internet преди 14 дни
the real question is, how does the owner get in
Ezekiel boss
Ezekiel boss преди 14 дни
Nether rite
Ezekiel boss
Ezekiel boss преди 14 дни
Buddy Grippp
Buddy Grippp преди 14 дни
who doesn't think about that?
j l
j l преди 14 дни
Me using redstone: I have no idea what I'm doing.
Mason Ober
Mason Ober преди 14 дни
What about the corner
Incognito преди 14 дни
approximately 21888 netherite scraps and 21888 gold ingots, if im not wrong the calculation is 8(19)(9)(4)(4) for both, the fact that there are 4 walls in total makes the second (4) important in the equation, with the extra 81 golden blocks added to the build [4(19)+5] it would then make 81(9)=729 golden ingots which then added to the first 21888 ingots makes 22617 golden ingots in total. {lol once I find the exact amount of dispensers observers and all blocks used ill be able to calculate the cost of iron Redstone obsidian and quartz}
Chair преди 15 дни
This is prob wrong but I got 456 netherite blocks but haven't got the ancient debris Edit: got 1,824 pieces of ancient debris Edit 2: actually 1,938 wow
Yes Dog
Yes Dog преди 15 дни
I meannnn corner
muus mc
muus mc преди 15 дни
Whatttttttttt theeee hek
never make a diamond house
never make a diamond house преди 15 дни
mumbo... my homie my parents own a tiny home community in Utah USA
Raymond Charles
Raymond Charles преди 15 дни
Birds flying in the sky 🤣, only bird we got is parrot also it's only lives in jungle ( bats and phantom not bird don't argue)
Vidar Larsson
Vidar Larsson преди 15 дни
Bobo Safe House🐹🐁
Sebastian Wrona
Sebastian Wrona преди 16 дни
Yeeet Siblings
Yeeet Siblings преди 16 дни
16416 debris needed for the whole wall
PickledLemons преди 16 дни
Mumbo Yoshikage only wants a quiet life, and those who disturb him shall peril at the hands of his ability, GRIAN QUEEN.
Virgil Davis
Virgil Davis преди 16 дни
me: ugh this door dosent work mumbo jumbo: eh add a few repeaters and itll be fine me: how basicly how
Free4All 4Fun
Free4All 4Fun преди 16 дни
What if someone comes in diagonally? Then they can just mine in
ExCUgaming преди 16 дни
You forgot to protect the corners
VirtualGaming преди 17 дни
199,355 netherite ingots or 797, 420 anicient debris
peach _syrup
peach _syrup преди 17 дни
So today I trolled my class with Among Us in an epic way. We were doing a test and were putting numbers into the computer to log into the test. It reminded me of Among Us so I shouted, "IS THAT AN AMONG US REFERENCE?!?!" I then pointed at the kid next to me, who was wearing a red shirt, and yelled, "RED SUS! RED SUS! VOTE OUT RED HE'S SUS!" The teacher tried to pull me out of the classroom but I stabbed him with a pencil epic John Wick style! I proceeded to scream, "DEAD BODY REPORTED!" Then they EXPELLED me and it was kind of sus the way they did it. On my way out of the school I saw a vent so I grabbed the nearest kid and shoved him into the vent! I cracked his skull but it was just a joke so it's okay. My therapy starts tomorrow
Im not Sure
Im not Sure преди 17 дни
How do u get out??
Jacob Seyba
Jacob Seyba преди 17 дни
i think it will take 700 plus antit debri
Equatiks преди 17 дни
someone can just go into the corner of the base and has no defences
Lawrence преди 17 дни
Oooh, put a ton of hoper collectors under the ground where the arrows land that fills all the dispensers back up, infinite firing!
DC tungsten
DC tungsten преди 17 дни
I wonder if MUMBO checks his comments himself.🤔
Innovative преди 17 дни
Does someone know the music he used at the start of the video?
Xavier Lawson
Xavier Lawson преди 17 дни
Emmett Hand
Emmett Hand преди 17 дни
Dang this house is expensive
Corbin Rosin
Corbin Rosin преди 17 дни
16416 ancient debris, 256.5 stacks of ancient debris, 64.125 stacks of netherite ingots 4104 netherite ingots, 7.125 stacks of netherite blocks, 456 blocks of netherite edot: I just continued watching and realised he put more netherite, too lazy to figure that out
GreatKnightCyber преди 17 дни
can you do another video like this but make the house look nice and have like no walls but as soon as you go over a trip wire, you die
Bradley harper
Bradley harper преди 17 дни
how do u get in lol you can't
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó преди 9 дни
Oh to get inside you would use an enderpearl stasis chamber. Completely forgot to show that when I got carried away with all the mad portal stuff. It's also worth mentioning, I do this stuff for fun to experiment with interesting redstone concepts. There will always be flaws, and the only true safe house in Minecraft is a hidden one!
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