Hermitcraft 8: Episode 9 - THE MOUNTAIN

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Mumbo Jumbo

преди 2 месеца

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo makes massive base progress on the Hermitcraft Mega base! This Mumbo Mega Base is a huge Minecraft terraforming project, that is inspired by the Minecraft 1.18: Caves and Cliffs update. This build took over 100 days in Minecraft, and it's not even close to being done! We also do a Minecraft standoff with ImpulseSV, and also participate in the Hermitcraft tegg game build by Grian on Hermitcraft.

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди 2 месеца
This comment section is a big r/whoosh and I'm living for it
Reuben Ransfield
Reuben Ransfield преди 4 дни
Musically games
Musically games преди 9 дни
Kenjii преди 14 дни
@AkisPlayZ Akis ur nuts and they fall off
Braiedon Emmanuel
Braiedon Emmanuel преди 16 дни
I seem to love looking at the comments without correcting them xD
holly vanveldhuizen
holly vanveldhuizen преди 22 дни
The base is still sustainable
Megan Liles
Megan Liles преди 3 минути
It’s not just a bolder… it’s a rock😂
Niklas Coff
Niklas Coff преди час
What… theyre different things!??
PeterTheCool преди ден
The Boulder has conflicted feelings about this boulder.
38-7F-Vivaan Karde
38-7F-Vivaan Karde преди 2 дни
He should have done madara's susanoo
Etham George
Etham George преди 2 дни
If you want to make a tree put those flower plants in the leaves it looks like the tree is giving off leave
Jack Carlisle
Jack Carlisle преди 2 дни
No shot
Jahval преди 2 дни
Turned the speed down to 0.25 cause i knew i saw something😎
Brodie Garden
Brodie Garden преди 2 дни
You don't get a good perspective of how large it is until he starts placing down stone in 1st person. Kudos to you.
alpacaofthemountain преди 3 дни
Mumbo is going to kill everone while saying "Peace, Love, And Plants.
Exotic opinions
Exotic opinions преди 3 дни
1:17 weird thing pops up on screen
Evie Masters
Evie Masters преди 4 дни
MUMBO STOP SELLING YOURSELF SHORT AN TALKING ABOUT HOW ITS GOING TO BE COVERED. Have faith in yourself. it looks good, and it will look great.
DironixV3 преди 4 дни
how does mumbo not know that sus is a massive among us meme
Naps преди 4 дни
He had 375 levels!!! That’s so much and it gets harder and harder to get levels holy crap!
ahiruアヒル преди 5 дни
The Philippines is more recognized than imagine
That1GuyKaiser преди 7 дни
One giant carb feels like it could be a nickname for me
Yeek squad
Yeek squad преди 10 дни
Mumbo your red outline just looks like one of the characters that’s why they called u sus.
XaniX 512
XaniX 512 преди 9 дни
characters of what
The Frost Bard
The Frost Bard преди 10 дни
sus is something in among us
Etherel's Knights
Etherel's Knights преди 10 дни
"This game" yup he made an oath to never say AmOnG uS.... XD
Iccy преди 10 дни
Sus is from amount us and your base looks like the imposter so people say sus
FallenBucket521 преди 10 дни
Thats a nice bolder
Jayden Logan
Jayden Logan преди 10 дни
WakaWaka23 преди 10 дни
Hella SUS!!! 1:18
Gundam Fury
Gundam Fury преди 11 дни
Probably too late for you to see this but I think the word you where looking for is Skeleton (of the build) although I can see why it wouldnt come to you because people normally associate it with Slimmer builds that form something more complex, but this bas is the Definition of Big Boned (Meaty Skeleton design to be Covered )
Danny C.
Danny C. преди 13 дни
It’s a the Skelton of your base, Mumbo.
Just Peachy
Just Peachy преди 13 дни
Wait so it isn’t actually an armchair?
PokeDanPlayz преди 14 дни
Marcus Kelly
Marcus Kelly преди 15 дни
SUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤨🤔😲😨😰😱💯💢💥
Ziggydoingthigns2.0 преди 15 дни
You’re base is shaped like a amung us charecter
Hawk • 69 Years Ago
Hawk • 69 Years Ago преди 15 дни
He knows stupid
ThePhoenixBoi преди 15 дни
Regular Minecrafters: Excessive amounts of mining off camera Regular Hermits: Excessive amounts of building off camera
sega преди 16 дни
Hawk • 69 Years Ago
Hawk • 69 Years Ago преди 15 дни
He knows stupid
Norm Ave
Norm Ave преди 16 дни
They are talking about a thing in among us it looks like a character from there.
Hawk • 69 Years Ago
Hawk • 69 Years Ago преди 15 дни
He knows stupid
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin преди 16 дни
You know the things yall British ppl smoke? Thats sus
Aura the Neon Fox133
Aura the Neon Fox133 преди 17 дни
Mumbo: “peace, love and plants! 😇” Also Mumbo: Do you want to explode?
SammyGGaming преди 18 дни
Mumbo ur such a boomer I love it! But lemme clarifiee why it means suspicious. The thing looks like and among us character and red is always suspicious in the game because it’s the colour of blood and also there are imposters and crewmates and reds always the imposter and the base look EXACTLY like an imposter.
Galactic Bhanu
Galactic Bhanu преди 18 дни
When you did the front half done and also like three quarters done and showed it from an angle because of the deep slates it looked like there were 3 faces
Justin Cole
Justin Cole преди 18 дни
Did anyone else notice that time lapse was 8 hours 0.0
LIGHTNING INC. преди 19 дни
Mumbo jumbo’s starter-base: i built a camp sight with a cute little bus but a tree monster wants to eat it Mumbo jumbo’s MEGA-BASE: i lost my SUS X box controller in the arm chair
Luke DeFranco
Luke DeFranco преди 19 дни
12:51 the top looks like 🗿
Untitled Storm
Untitled Storm преди 19 дни
"I'm just a potato, eating other potato's" Mumbo is being very sustainable...
Diego memes
Diego memes преди 19 дни
1:17 slow down to 0.25X to see lol
Joshua Peek
Joshua Peek преди 21 ден
Mumbo doesn't understand among us
Joseph Buirkle
Joseph Buirkle преди 21 ден
Me: builds a house in a mountain Hermits: builds a mountain for a house
Aqua преди 21 ден
Mumbo says ‘this game’ like it’s a bad game but it’s AMONG US!!!!!
chrisalex2000 преди 23 дни
I like potatos
jayce prater
jayce prater преди 23 дни
the dragon egg has a 15X15 range
jayce prater
jayce prater преди 23 дни
your base looks like an among us character
rhythm life
rhythm life преди 24 дни
the frame looks like a baby crewmate on top of Red the sussy baka
Natasha Kugler
Natasha Kugler преди 25 дни
S U S👁👄👁
Tina Bose
Tina Bose преди 25 дни
1:17 we saw that edit: basically if you go a frame at a time he flashed an among us image
rueblimaster преди 25 дни
Techno: I‘m a roundabout
Mus H
Mus H преди 26 дни
SUS among goose SUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peppermint преди 26 дни
TIL Mumbo is in fact NOT Bdubs
UrsaTheMiner преди 27 дни
wait, how is mumbo's deepslate sus?
Meerkat ultra
Meerkat ultra преди 27 дни
there ,is misshapen faces on the rock
BabyChewy_ преди 28 дни
Mumbo- I am not a good builder... The Mountain - *Cricket chrips*
Dan Buckig
Dan Buckig преди 28 дни
Sus was improperly used as an abbreviation for "Suspect" by the useless generation, the millennials, and is used to describe something suspicious or out of place.
Aquin преди 24 дни
@Dan Buckig Cool. Still cringe. All generations have good things and bad things. Get over it.
Dan Buckig
Dan Buckig преди 24 дни
@Aquin I could care less if it makes you cringe. The great thing about having my own opinion is that it exists outside of your personal beliefs or judgement, and the effect it has on you is not my concern.
Aquin преди 25 дни
@Dan Buckig But like... All of the people on the server _are_ millennials. Fuck, maybe even younger? That thing about your daughter is pretty cute, but Gen Xers and boomers shitting on millennials makes me cringe.
Dan Buckig
Dan Buckig преди 25 дни
@Aquin yup. 39 and I love minecraft thanks to my daughter, and Hermitcraft is the best to watch. Might be weird, but no weirder than 30+-year-olds PLAYING minecraft for a living, right?
Aquin преди 25 дни
I mean, unless you're a 40-year-old watching Minecraft videos, which would be kinda weird, you're most likely a millennial yourself.
Faelyke преди 29 дни
Your pants are coming along great! Soon you'll even be able to wear them.
Kasaen преди 29 дни
When Bdubs does offcamera building
Tyler Ramirez
Tyler Ramirez преди месец
Bdubs really did some “off camera building…”
that random channel YT
that random channel YT преди месец
You are now boulder boy
DiamonXX PvPz
DiamonXX PvPz преди месец
Noooo. That base is sooo sus . Its literally a *SUS*
WillTMT преди месец
anyone else see the one frame among us
Blast a Boom
Blast a Boom преди месец
Want the mountain much better? Ask grian
Blast a Boom
Blast a Boom преди месец
Reptil7 Gaming
Reptil7 Gaming преди месец
you hide the tegg in tresas teeth did'nt you? ;-0
LazyDragon555 преди месец
i see this and i just think thundercats, cats lair.
Jamesbink преди месец
Are you not scared that the crystal on your van is going to be exploded?
raspberryice преди месец
Anyone spot that among us png at 1:18?
Ben преди месец
Pretty sustainable
lucas lam
lucas lam преди месец
when you mine deepslate you get cobbled deepslate the textures are slightly different
Mokinsen преди месец
"My brain just became a boulder" ~Mumbo K. Jumbo
Orbital Void
Orbital Void преди месец
BTW when you refer to the super-cool initial structure to look like a back bone, the first thought I get after seeing it is a headless dude banging his fists on a table
Orbital Void
Orbital Void преди месец
Completely agreeing with Mumbo but it is clearly obvious that Mumbo is a bit addicted to minecraft, completely not like me. Yeh, I would never do that. I mean who cares for new games that just makes everything seem SUS? Of course, I completely completely do. No one can care about it more than me. BTW Mumbo, just in case you still haven't figured out, sus stands for suspicious in gaming perspective and the boundaries you made with the red and white concrete really match with one and only one character.... ...red from Among us... ...yeh... ...🔪... He's completely safe anyways, so never mind. Nothing to worry about. A 100% un-suspicious.
HiddenPower преди месец
13:33 anyone else see a face there?
Jayako Grocock
Jayako Grocock преди месец
I believe the word you were looking for was "foundations"
zen please
zen please преди месец
J Zomawia
J Zomawia преди месец
We say sus because among us
Sam Barfuss
Sam Barfuss преди месец
Supposed to be three blocks not 4
Aiden Chapman
Aiden Chapman преди месец
Let's just get straight to the point your mountain layout looks like red imposter sussy little baka
Dekhams преди месец
professional crystal slinger sounds like a drug thing
Thecreeper8211 преди месец
I found a secret disc looking thing that has among us on it at 1:17
Hayden Carlson
Hayden Carlson преди месец
Now the base looks like an arm chair.
Hayden Carlson
Hayden Carlson преди месец
Did you ever notice that your base plans look like the character in the profile picture?
Hue Jass
Hue Jass преди месец
Very simple idea lie within the reach of complete minds -remy de gourmant
Obsito преди месец
When the base turns into susness
Rumen Pavlov
Rumen Pavlov преди месец
Susy boi!!!
Phox Games
Phox Games преди месец
and here i am, old enough to remember when sus meant gay.
Ben преди месец
@Phox Games gay is pretty sustainable
Phox Games
Phox Games преди месец
now i can rest easy when hearing the youth say it to know it now means sustainable.
Aqua Rustic
Aqua Rustic преди месец
How has Mumbo never heard of the game among us
Ben преди месец
S m o o t h
Ian Des Ruisseaux
Ian Des Ruisseaux преди месец
He’s very behind on the sus trend
RedHot преди месец
Is the tegg seriously right under the rod crystal after he said he won’t show it lol 21:40
The human spider show
The human spider show преди месец
Bruh your base looks uhh UHHH UUUHuzhsjsjshsh
unforgetable0chaos преди месец
read his comment oh god thank you also a rather enjoyed the deep slate
marianfordjor преди месец
You literally built amongus outline
Amber Madden
Amber Madden преди месец
Jumbo do you actually the no sus means sustainable
Random Topics
Random Topics преди месец
Another grian. No back view
pietro teofile
pietro teofile преди месец
Matt M
Matt M преди месец
Trevor Newman
Trevor Newman преди месец
It’s funny to see how oblivious Mumbo is to the whole sus situation
veljko angelovski
veljko angelovski преди месец
HE JUST DID A FULL UNO REVERSE CARD get obliterated comment section
Void of The lost souls
Void of The lost souls преди месец
Mumbo is living under a bolder
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