Making an Impossible Base in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

преди 13 дни

In this Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo uses the immersive portals mod to create an impossible base in Minecraft. Just like the Mumbo Tardis in Minecraft video, this makes use of the immersive portals mod to create non-Euclidian geometry in Minecraft, allowing us to have rooms that are positioned in illogical ways.
Tardis in Minecraft:
Immersive Portals mod:
Filming channel:
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди 12 дни
These portals are so immersive that I forgot I was actually building a bedroom in the Nether... it’s very good I didn’t test the bed! OH, and I left the promxix part in because it made me laugh. I guess my editing mistake is not making it clear that I intentionally left it in? ha!
SMPN 1 BUNGORO преди ден
Bruh ur a master of everything i thawght ur just a redstone master
Amog Mungus
Amog Mungus преди ден
@Calum Sheppard No it doesn't
Calum Sheppard
Calum Sheppard преди ден
Do you know if it works in pocket edition
Amog Mungus
Amog Mungus преди ден
You could've used the portal helper block to keep it in the overworld
Egor Hans
Egor Hans преди 4 дни
@Cameron Voller S/he probably didn't. Double-post glitch is a thing. EDIT: Maybe I should read on whether the person in question followed up on it before trying to clarify it myself.
Vinni S
Vinni S преди 6 минути
My brain hurts
koolaidrybot преди 6 минути
Bro you need to make phineas and ferbs shed from the marvel special.
Roy Barzilay
Roy Barzilay преди 56 минути
4:49 Mumbo breaks the fabric of time, space, and reality
Ragna преди час
I'm fairly certain you can link the portals to the overworld with some commands. So both entrance and exit would be on the overworld.
Virizion Bond
Virizion Bond преди 2 часа
With the water destroying the portals the water looks like lava for just a second before it goes away
Archie Robinson
Archie Robinson преди 4 часа
Pls stop hurting my brain
Ryan Harper
Ryan Harper преди 4 часа
ah yes. non-euclidean redstone.
PenguinBoy13 преди 4 часа
I installed the Immersive Portals mod and it wouldn't work with OptiFine, when I tried loading it, it crashed, when I moved OptiFine out of my mods folder, it worked. I was wondering how Mumbo managed to get it to work. The mods I have are: Carpet Mod, ReplayMod, OptiFabric, OptiFine, MinecraftCapes. But it worked with all the mods apart from OptiFine. Just wanted to know if there was anything I could try.
BraniTheKing9 преди 5 часа
It is so confusing..........
Nigel Smart
Nigel Smart преди 5 часа
by the way there is a block where u can make ur own portals with this mod called the "portal helper" block
Pleb on crack
Pleb on crack преди 6 часа
Am i the only one who is thinking about the tent from Harry Potter, thats like bigger inside and smaller outside?
Annaliza Francisco
Annaliza Francisco преди 6 часа
You know? Your a legend redstone maker?
Donovan Piko
Donovan Piko преди 8 часа
This is available in 1.16?
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina преди 10 часа
I'm unsure since I didn't get to test the mod yet, but if I am not wrong Doors of Infinity mod ( ) [which depends on Immersive Portals] allows for a lot of options aswell (if this mod works properly and as explained on their page)
Cody Andersen
Cody Andersen преди 11 часа
The way he said there's a hole made me laugh
CJ Rourke
CJ Rourke преди 14 часа
befor waching this vid: 2 brain cells after: .....
flex worshipper
flex worshipper преди 18 часа
"Its looking a little 2012 minecraft" No. It's looking a little 2007 portal!
Chayton Henifin
Chayton Henifin преди 19 часа
Who's gonna tell him you can use commands go make portals that don't need a frame and that go into the same dimension
Retr0 преди 19 часа
Could you do a video where you explain how to use the mod please?
Thomas Kearl
Thomas Kearl преди 19 часа
Did you know: Search "Portal Helper" In the Creative Inventory
Erik Seville
Erik Seville преди 20 часа
Good job Mumbo. You've confused me greatly
Daniel Andersson
Daniel Andersson преди 20 часа
the bed is gona explode
ChaosContrl преди 21 час
Now to make some portal map with it:
Account72 преди 23 часа
love the portals there so cool
•JaidenEditz• преди 23 часа
Mumbo: Places bed in the Nether Everyone: *INTENSE SCREAMING*
blockgamer Mp4
blockgamer Mp4 преди 23 часа
You can use so called "portal helper" or something like that and make portals that can all be in the overworld and once you make the portal out of theese, you can break the frame and just have the portal without the frame. Idk if that is still in the mod but I tried the mod on 1.15.2 and it was there. Also make a window out of NORMAL glass blocks and light them up with flint and steel
J D преди ден
anyone else get the RAID shadow legends ad?
shrabya chand
shrabya chand преди ден
i did not understand anything but i liked it
Leona Gonzalez
Leona Gonzalez преди ден
The obese viscose serendipitously time because year sporadically empty toward a new duck. deserted, public parallelogram
Armaan Khurana
Armaan Khurana преди ден
You know that this mod adds a portal helper, which allows you to create portals that help you travel through the overworld, right?
Jeanna Lain
Jeanna Lain преди ден
Out of all things that managed to make me subscribe. Was the dorkiest words. That made me laugh so hard for no reason. You dropped literally every other word to say "There is a hole" Yes That was the definite quote that will forever be in my brain.
Jeanna Lain
Jeanna Lain преди ден
I was able to keep up. My brain refused to keep up. But I managed to understand it all.
Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa
Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa преди ден
Seed tho
Tay Za Tun
Tay Za Tun преди ден
1:00 what? promix?
B10LumiNescent преди ден
Try the Pehkui mod with this. I want to see how much fun you'll have with that.
Grant Miller
Grant Miller преди ден
My brain hurts now
Liam Parrent
Liam Parrent преди ден
can we please get an actual tutorial for this??? trying to figure it out off this video is hurting me :'(
kurt nickel
kurt nickel преди ден
Mod looks cool!!!
Jonjam преди ден
Bro what
Noah Schroeder
Noah Schroeder преди ден
You know you can create A LOT more stuff right? Look for a very indepth tutorial about the mod and you will see that there is a lot more stuff to do!
ChaosContrl преди ден
Someone needs to do a Narbacular Drop custom map with these now
Rory Makler
Rory Makler преди ден
you shouldve made rooms wrap a round portal to hurt everyone's mind
Álfgrímur Petursson
Álfgrímur Petursson преди ден
LCM Larsen
LCM Larsen преди ден
it looks like a fasee the howse
Victor Babii
Victor Babii преди ден
If you made up it yourself, you are a genious
Noeleen Miller
Noeleen Miller преди 2 дни
I'm sure it's probably been suggested but what about building the Tardis phone booth
Zoie Atwell
Zoie Atwell преди 2 дни
you should actually make your thumbnail lol
Hussein Merhi
Hussein Merhi преди 2 дни
Thanks you gave me an idea to my Redstone build
mr_nob9 преди 2 дни
After watching this video I have died with the word portal stuck in my head
Modern Ninja
Modern Ninja преди 2 дни
Really thought you were going to forget and click on the bed...
Jman Ab
Jman Ab преди 2 дни
Guest преди 2 дни
"A bedroom that is incredibly fancy" *empty room with big bed*
anarchistAngel преди 2 дни
Bro I'm such a sucker for non-Euclidean geometric builds, this is fantastic
stitch fontenot
stitch fontenot преди 2 дни
Ethan Playz
Ethan Playz преди 2 дни
Omg James commented I did not know you liked the destruction of the very fabric of the universe
Chris Gregory
Chris Gregory преди 2 дни
corridor that has portals every 2nd block
lukipuki преди 2 дни
The best thing u did was seeing yourselfes in other portal
Alyxander Buckner
Alyxander Buckner преди 2 дни
The village near by goes in his house thinking he's a witch
Ben Fleetwood
Ben Fleetwood преди 2 дни
To all of you Americans mini eggs are chocolates
Cleese Clarke
Cleese Clarke преди 2 дни
I one time had that mod and there was a block called a "Portal Helper" which would make a portal that instead of going straight to hell, it would connect with another same size portal.
Kelby Lepper
Kelby Lepper преди 2 дни
That’s too confusing.
Myna Collyn
Myna Collyn преди 2 дни
What's in the top story tho?
sixthDragoness преди 2 дни
build an endless staircase!
James Carodan
James Carodan преди 2 дни
Me brain is committed suicide......
Kaylea Chidester
Kaylea Chidester преди 2 дни
Reminds me of the door of howl’s moving castle
DuckieGamerXD преди 2 дни
Hey Mumbo I love your vids and noticed you like the immersive portal mod i wonder what you could do with the Quark mod it adds a lot of small features and some really useful ones.
Erik Uden
Erik Uden преди 2 дни
You know the immersive portals mod has their own portals! You don't need to use nether portals! (if you install an additional mod you can also make larger portals to increase your player size!)
David Hernandez Luque
David Hernandez Luque преди 2 дни
ma braaiin!!
BlueJay094 преди 2 дни
Map download maybe?
BLITZING WAR2021 преди 2 дни
OMG i just realized you can make a labyrinth with this mod Ex: you have to go through portals and portals to escape but you have to pick the right ones
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk преди 2 дни
This exists on my friend's server, its called Tartarus and functions as a prison 99% inescapable, but if someone is that 1% and "escapes" they are greeted with the Heart Of Tartarus, a completely inescapable labyrinth that jumps between the Overworld and Nether. It puts the prison I built, Pandora's Box, to shame.
GrayJediTrainee преди 3 дни
If I got a penny for every time he said portal I would be a millionaire
DeadAliveDemon преди 3 дни
Mumbo Jumbo: "I have two braincells" (can make almost everything in minecraft with redstone) Me: "Guess I have negative 3000000" (barely knows how to make a lever)
LeGamer 1000
LeGamer 1000 преди 3 дни
Can I please see the blueprints for this base?
Milo MMS
Milo MMS преди 3 дни
well im glad you know whats happening there.
FlyBeastGames преди 3 дни
Much more dangerous because you are using wool LOL and the bedroom in nether Xd
Jacob Barton
Jacob Barton преди 3 дни
Honestly a great way of showing how a 4th dimension would look to us, living in a three dimensional world.
DerpwaldDuck преди 3 дни
Mumbo straight outta Harry Potter here with his Extension Charm house! I love it! :D
Artisticallweeb преди 3 дни
Smh my head my head
Ultra Gaming Videos
Ultra Gaming Videos преди 3 дни
Baine Playz
Baine Playz преди 3 дни
5:11 Faze clan logo
Graeme Holland
Graeme Holland преди 3 дни
Imagine exploring this in VR. Just imagine the magic you'd experience. Just imagine it. Mambo, please provide this for us!
Graeme Holland
Graeme Holland преди 3 дни
*mumbo, not mambo.
lobster men
lobster men преди 3 дни
go ahead, sleep
Scene Cat3
Scene Cat3 преди 3 дни
Seeing this makes me want to cry and have a mind grain
Dux Angus
Dux Angus преди 3 дни
This reminds me of the Door to Howl's Moving Castle
Kitsune Chan
Kitsune Chan преди 3 дни
Imagine a bit bigger house with like 20 different rooms, which all leads to Nether dimension rooms. But it would take so much math to just make it work.
Aiden Bagshaw
Aiden Bagshaw преди 3 дни
I can't take full credit for this comment, I got the idea from someone else, but you totally need to build a maze out of these things.
Living Murphy's Law
Living Murphy's Law преди ден
I have played a game like that in Scratch made by Griffpatch that is incredibly confusing. And I do think it would make a fun minigame.
Sorcha Mackay
Sorcha Mackay преди 3 дни
Ducky 237
Ducky 237 преди 3 дни
Those were some really annoying doors towards the end there lol
FlamingFugtitive преди 3 дни
How come when you put your chests together their not double chests?
My opinion is invalid, but
My opinion is invalid, but преди 3 дни
Absolutely love non Euclidean geometry.
digblu31 gaming
digblu31 gaming преди 3 дни
it hurts my brain
Anthony Kornelsen
Anthony Kornelsen преди 3 дни
You should put fake windows in the nether rooms with a portal behind them so it looks like you're still in the overworld
Sebastian L
Sebastian L преди 3 дни
drugs in mincraft: Mumbo is adiccded to mods...
H Egan
H Egan преди 3 дни
I'd love to see how this concept could be combined with interdimensional redstone to create some kind of mad scientist's perfect base, complete with automation, secrets and mind-bending spaces!
The Lenny Bandit
The Lenny Bandit преди 3 дни
alternate title : Making a base not even god could create
gamer boy 3425 game bro
gamer boy 3425 game bro преди 3 дни
If the base is impossible, then how did you make it?
Masterlytical преди 3 дни
click the bed, i dare you
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker преди 3 дни
Make it a canopy
Rogue 1
Rogue 1 преди 3 дни
I saw Skeppy did this in one of his vids
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