Features I would love to see in Minecraft 1.17

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs is a HUGE new Minecraft update with a bunch of exciting new Minecraft features, including the Warden, sculk sensors, Minecraft cave update, Dripstone and more. In this video I wanted to go over some of the features that are currently available in the latest Minecraft Snapshot (Snapshot 20w51a) and talk about how I personally would improve them.
Filming channel: bgpost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди 2 месеца
A lot of people commenting as if honeycomb and honey are millions of miles apart from one another and the fact that I even suggested they were similar means I’m stupid... I am stupid yes, but not on this!! I said it was a stretch association. I just want more sticky blocks. ALSO: waterlogged Sculk sensors are silent not deafened. They still work, just the player does not hear them.
Gavin Muller
Gavin Muller преди 17 часа
@Egg egg
Keshavthehun преди 18 дни
Suggestion: Me before 1.17 piston+quartz=breakable chest piston Me after 1.17 piston+dripstone=breakable chest piston (Normal pistons will not break anything it will move them)
JSEpic преди 19 дни
But surely waxed would make it less sticky?
Ghifari77 преди 20 дни
Agree with the people pointing out that.
• MrMoolahoola •
• MrMoolahoola • преди 20 дни
@Aeryn Boyer yeah true
alexandra wuisan
alexandra wuisan преди 2 часа
its possible to combine a spyglass with a crossbow will be a zooming crossbow (sniper)
Hayden Heine
Hayden Heine преди 8 часа
10:31 all the bedrock players 😂😎
king iron wolf
king iron wolf преди 12 часа
wow in bedrock edition you can move dispensers and chest's with a pistion
The Super Yoshi Cane
The Super Yoshi Cane преди ден
0:48 As all things should be
Lust ! Sans
Lust ! Sans преди ден
I like cool stuff because cool stuff is cool
Jake Whelan
Jake Whelan преди ден
Mojang should hire Mumbo freelance to spout ideas at them in meetings
umm3 преди ден
It's funny how people only talk about the new caves and lower limit of -64, but no one talks about the new insane mountains and goats, like the new height limit will be 512 instead of 256
Zach Watering
Zach Watering преди 4 часа
Actually the height limit has already been increased to 320 as well as going down to -64 so we had 384 blocks now
The kraken squad
The kraken squad преди ден
Sadly I can’t get the snapshot because I play on ps4 😔
BrayTrue преди ден
So basically you want more stuff automatic
LucidDreams преди ден
Bruh a splash potion of deafening would be so cool!
sarcoptid преди ден
For a way to bypass sculk sensors undetected, i think making use of the Feather Falling enchant on boots would be cool! Light steps = no vibrations?
Mir Laboratories
Mir Laboratories преди ден
you know what would be great in minecraft.... Chairs. people have made a million different ways to make chairs since minecraft beta. still no chairs.
inVince-ible преди ден
0:47 **Perfectly balanced, like all things should be.** (this comment might already exist I didn't check)
* Футбольчик *
* Футбольчик * преди ден
kira thompson
kira thompson преди 2 дни
Mumbo tryna justify waxed copper being sticky was beautiful
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker преди 2 дни
Mumbo: We need movable chests Me: Who plays on Pocket Edition *Laughs*
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker преди 2 дни
What is the 4 horseman?
Zach Watering
Zach Watering преди 4 часа
When a lightning bolt hits the ground there is a chance that 4 skeletons riding skeleton horses spawn
Annie G
Annie G преди 2 дни
what if...you could only move chests, hoppers, dispensers etc when using a Tuff Piston? Hm? not a bad idea
Rohan Kishibi
Rohan Kishibi преди 2 дни
Tuff isn't tough, but maybe new pistons made of iron or something
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle преди 3 дни
well instead of a potion for silent footsteps. perhaps instead new armor type. Wool Armor, does not provide much Armor value, but full set makes you silent when moving slowly. around Sculk sensors, could also prove useful perhaps around mobs, maybe less likely to notice you at distance unless closer. But there is always fixes with mods. Just wait a little bit, or make the mod to work for that stuff.
Blue Fire
Blue Fire преди 3 дни
3:21 one thing could be done and that is to make stalactites and stalagmites waterloggable and not break when come in contact with water..... So when you have a ground full of items and stalagmites, you can dispense some water and the items will be washed away and collected
ItsJustMeJake преди 3 дни
2:12 Water: *I am a joke to you?*
thundercunt преди 3 дни
i'd like to see bundles used as backpacks because be honest, you were disappointed too when you stopped and realized the bundle wasn't storage. i also would like to see players be able to remove the wax and remove the oxidation from copper blocks. they could smelt them once to burn off the wax and then again to reset the oxidation back to 0. one more thing i'd like to see is your temperature go down if you're in water and near packed ice or blue ice. powdered snow is a block that does not naturally generate and will be used so little by players that the amount of effort they've put into with adding a temperature system to it, changing your heart colors, and making skeletons turn into strays just seems like way too much work for something no normal player will ever even see. also wither skeletons should turn into skeletons when in powdered snow because husks turn into zombies in water. husks are bigger than zombies too. and finally, i want to see ores generate more commonly exposed to air, not less commonly. strip mining is not fun, mojang please stop incentivizing it especially when it directly undermines all the work you're putting in to make the caves fun to explore. i keep thinking of things i want in 1.17 sorry, i want the warden to be unkillable but slower than a player's sprinting speed. that way you *can* just pillar up to where it can't reach you but uh, now you're kinda stuck. the warden being slower than your sprinting speed is so that stealthing around it is optional since you can also just book it straight past the thing if you can find a way around it. if you think bundle backpacks are overpowered, keep in mind powdered snow can be placed in the nether and it negates fall damage and extinguishes you the same way water does.
Pr0_C34 преди 4 дни
I want to make an alarm with the skull sensor PS.redstone
tri nobody
tri nobody преди 4 дни
I could imagine crossbow with spyglass. Minecraft sniper rifle.
bronson ehrich
bronson ehrich преди 4 дни
Whats the point in having bundles when you have shulker box?????
Zach Watering
Zach Watering преди 4 часа
Shucker boxes can be hard to get for casual players
Fac Torio
Fac Torio преди 4 дни
"Waxed" Copperblock aren't waxed with honey, they're waxed with honeycombs which are made of bees wax
Johnathon Ward
Johnathon Ward преди 4 дни
I love the tuff piston idea when 1.17 is resleased I will make a mod to make it
Peeled fish Ratatouille
Peeled fish Ratatouille преди 4 дни
The stalagmites would make an amazing sheep fricker
Nata Kul
Nata Kul преди 4 дни
Ye warden is scary
Turblx IH
Turblx IH преди 5 дни
Kenshin Isip
Kenshin Isip преди 5 дни
you can push chest hoppers dispenseres droppers ender chest in bedrock edition.i ply bedrock edition because of this feature
Playbooter преди 5 дни
Cosmo the cat
Cosmo the cat преди 5 дни
Skulck can be used as bluetooth for redstone computers
The Kraken Kid
The Kraken Kid преди 5 дни
Or the tuff pistons should be able to push obi.
Shelby Kauth
Shelby Kauth преди 6 дни
I love the island! What did you make the pool floaties out of?
Wynz Hector Bernardo
Wynz Hector Bernardo преди 6 дни
Im late but its meme time Mumbo: i wish i can move chests with pistons,in java Bedrock players: i have the power
Jorge Floyd
Jorge Floyd преди 6 дни
1 ItzHcraftPlayz
1 ItzHcraftPlayz преди 6 дни
Mumbo did you know lightning rod conduct redstone power when struck with lightning.
Maelstrom_Wander преди 6 дни
What about instead of potions that ignore sensors they add a new enchantment for boots called lightweight with 3 tiers Tier 1 is walking speed is silenced Tier 2 is sprinting is silenced and tier 1 Tier 3 is both tier 1and 2 plus jumping is silenced Would add more thought process behind what enchantments to get before it becomes too expensive
Aiden Mac
Aiden Mac преди 6 дни
I feel like the slow falling potions could function as the "Quiet Step" potions you were referencing
William Burns
William Burns преди 6 дни
10:46 me laughs in bedrock
Raeden Woodring
Raeden Woodring преди 7 дни
Also you have optifine
Shaggy Maddie346
Shaggy Maddie346 преди 8 дни
So wait are The four horsemen of the Apocalypse another boss or mini bosses to the game? Or is that just your name for lightning? Edit: so they aren't lightning I know that but still confused and too lazy to look it up
Antigen преди 7 дни
When lightning strikes a skeleton it spawns four skeleton horse jockeys with enchanted armor and bows
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams преди 8 дни
The scoped crossbow I thought of
Feras RE
Feras RE преди 8 дни
8:15 i love how this idea gonna make the warden powerless
CreepXD преди 8 дни
How about they give leather boots the ability to muffle all sound from a player so they can mine in peace in the caves without having to worry about about a warden charging at them and one shotting them for not having diamond armor
Harvey Bradley
Harvey Bradley преди 5 дни
The point of the Warden is that you are supposed to be scared of it
White Clouds
White Clouds преди 9 дни
Bedrock edition have movabel chest by piston
Amuro _Kuroba
Amuro _Kuroba преди 9 дни
what is the seed and location of the first clip 0:20 pls i need to know XD
Zach Watering
Zach Watering преди 4 часа
It isn’t a seed it’s the cave world generation type
swag man
swag man преди 9 дни
Powdered snow is more like a liquid that doesnt flow
Shashwat Rathore
Shashwat Rathore преди 10 дни
The one thing they will absolutely not make real is the Potion of Silence for boots. They are introducing three new mobs, two still unknown and Warden, that attack by detecting sound. Tricking them into not attacking just seems something safe but not entertaining (I really think being attacked by Warden will be entertaining).
Ramcharan Arya
Ramcharan Arya преди 10 дни
mumbo:we have not seen a block that can be dispensed and taken back. lava buckets and water buckets:am i a joke to you
The XOXO B преди 10 дни
To the people that also lost count, there are 16
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 преди 10 дни
6:35 ah yes "sticky copper"
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 преди 10 дни
5:22 ah yes put the spyglass on your head yes that makes perfect sense
a09Robert Videos, Games, and Knowledge.
a09Robert Videos, Games, and Knowledge. преди 10 дни
Now I get where mumbo is coming from, but mostly Skulks will be found in the wild. I don't know if a Skulk Sensor having a menu in it while in the wild is something the minecraft team is going for. Maybe there's a crafting recipe for a "Controlled Skulk Censor" where you can see the Redstone power and you can run Redstone into it to turn it off.
ElectroMitch Gaming
ElectroMitch Gaming преди 11 дни
I think that if someone shots a flaming arrow through powdered snow it will keep going but it wont be flaming any more!
Spectral An0maly
Spectral An0maly преди 11 дни
i know like, its minecraft and stuff so logic out the window but. Waxed copper is waxed with... wax... not... honey... like I get what you're going for but whens the last time you felt a candle and been like 'ah yes this is sticky and also made of honey' also tuff is actually pretty brittle i think
CutePoliwag преди 11 дни
“the idea of a block that you can dispense and then also retract back into the dispenser, it’s really interesting we’ve never really seen that before in Minecraft!” normal not flowing water: “I’m in the room! >:(“
ww mm
ww mm преди 11 дни
Movable chests are in Minecraft pocket edition!!!
Ewan Ohare
Ewan Ohare преди 11 дни
Bedrock has moveable tile entities ( u know droppers,despensers , that lot) i would total recommend checking out silences supper smelter what works using a furnace piston feed tap
GRANDPA French преди 11 дни
there needs to be a redstone update. adding like twenty new redstone blocks to use in builds
Ewan Ohare
Ewan Ohare преди 11 дни
I feel like if they add to much to redstone it won't be redstone anymore. I dont want redstone to go crazy like it does in mods as thats what those mods r for
Daksh Kapoor
Daksh Kapoor преди 11 дни
If u name a villager and put inside a arena of zombies they would try to kill the villager but they cannot because of the villager would be in a glass case and zombie try to move that will make noise N the skulk season would do its work.(I imagined it If it's wrong so plz don't blame me 🙃.)
Bob Kowalski
Bob Kowalski преди 12 дни
You have to keep in mind that sculk sensor is going to spawn in deep dark to help the warden. So a menu popping up or it turning off when you click it makes no sence.
P w
P w преди 12 дни
Watet Bucker
hosei587 преди 12 дни
Lol the spikes on upside piston looked like a tree for some reason
Nicholas J.Scott
Nicholas J.Scott преди 12 дни
Firework Crossbow should be able to stun a Warden temporary if hit by it or shot near it
Emory Smith
Emory Smith преди 12 дни
All of these would be great in Minecraft
Random Name
Random Name преди 12 дни
8:08 that could also make the player invisible to wardens
Joey Tompkins
Joey Tompkins преди 4 дни
That’s why I don’t see it happening, maybe something that reduces the sounds of stepping, but eliminating it entirely seems unlikely to me
Darkstone_OFFICIAL_ преди 12 дни
I play on hard mode in a singleplayer modded survival on a mushroom island and for some reason the most common mob I deal with is the Horsemen. No joke. Fish, Squids, Phantoms, Mooshrooms....NOPE The four horsemen are the most frequently spawning mob in the ocean surrounding the island. Don't ask me how they do that, because I don't have an answer. It's just really annoying when it's not even thundering and they somehow just, appear. (No, none of my mods increase their spawnrates or how they spawn. They're just THERE. And here.... AND EVERYWHERE!!!!)
Marisela Perez
Marisela Perez преди 13 дни
moveable chest work in bedrock
Liam Weston
Liam Weston преди 13 дни
yo is anyone seeing that seed!
Rowe Productions
Rowe Productions преди 13 дни
So when we go to the Deep dark biome, we gonna take loads of wool to deal with sculk sensors?
GKT_ PE преди 13 дни
yeah i see how that will hurt my brain
JusAMeme Exe
JusAMeme Exe преди 14 дни
All I can think of when I see the title image is michael reeves screaming “BIG METAL PISTON SPIKE”
Jonathan Ratcliff
Jonathan Ratcliff преди 14 дни
I'd like to see a functioning elytra launcher whose mechanics aren't patched 50 seconds after the update.
Ewan Ohare
Ewan Ohare преди 11 дни
Or a big ass tower, or i think there r designs using cobwebs but thats more for if your server is 2 lagy and it doesn't like triggering elytra mod
Ewan Ohare
Ewan Ohare преди 11 дни
Water and riptide 3 trident
Hunter Horton
Hunter Horton преди 14 дни
When he started talking about the sensor I g ok t confused
Rey the cat
Rey the cat преди 14 дни
Here’s an idea for 8:15. What if, as well as being undetected by sculk sensors, it works with fighting wardens, too?
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer преди 15 дни
Everyone forgot about the goats
Brian Orozco
Brian Orozco преди 14 дни
I think people are more excited for the caves than the cliffs
Cool Rx
Cool Rx преди 15 дни
Stronger piston are an amazing idea i whant to make a lava and water bridge maker but a can’t because piston are not verrynstrong
Cool Rx
Cool Rx преди 15 дни
What are th3 fourth ho4semen
Cool Rx
Cool Rx преди 15 дни
What are th3 fourth ho4semen
Cool Rx
Cool Rx преди 15 дни
Use slime and dripstone spike and piston
Cool Rx
Cool Rx преди 15 дни
Spawn potion of defaning will really effect the warden you pretty much ivisible
Cool Rx
Cool Rx преди 15 дни
Why grass in a cave it can grow
ArcticWolf_966 преди 15 дни
5:52 that happened to me TwT
Simon преди 15 дни
If they do add a potion of deafening it should effect the wardon
Dom's gaming worls
Dom's gaming worls преди 15 дни
You can move chests in bedrock
kadem ra
kadem ra преди 16 дни
So the idea of deafening potion you said it effects mobs and such so can we stop the warden’s vibration detection
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller преди 16 дни
What if you could craft honey and slime to get glue and right click a block and make it stick to only the same blocks
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller преди 16 дни
I think you should be able to click a scullk with wool to stop it from taking inputs
Andreas Zhang
Andreas Zhang преди 16 дни
I personally think that the function of projectiles being able to pass through the powdered snow would make very good secret dispensers and hidden fire balls.
Kaden N
Kaden N преди 16 дни
I hope some of this stuff gets added considering this is just a screenshot
Little Steve944
Little Steve944 преди 17 дни
Not gonna lie I’ve been waiting for them to add in the life Church has played for so long like in the crafting table just get your chest plate in it lighter and it makes that
Noir Suit
Noir Suit преди 17 дни
Potions are not balanced lol
That Soab
That Soab преди 17 дни
Not restricted to 1.17, but some things I would like to see in future updates: The ability to move spawners. It can be a pain looking for them and they may not even be anywhere near your base. I feel that spawners should have the function where you can pick them up (probably with Silk Touch) and move them closer to your base so that you don't have to separate them. However, blaze spawners and magma cube spawners will not work in the Overworld and no other spawner will work in the nether, and no spawner at all will work in the End. A nether boss with drop tables such as ancient debris, blaze rods/powder, nether bricks/red nether bricks, and a unique drop such as a fireproof boat. Give the Ender Dragon a drop table, such as Elytra, Shulker shells, End rods, dragon head, crying obsidian, dragon egg, purpur, and a breakable version of an End Portal to build in our bases. Just some ideas to mess around with.
Amber Payne
Amber Payne преди 17 дни
does anyone else think that mumbo should make a 20x20 piston door. just a thought. But i want him to.
Azuul преди 17 дни
The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation
Azuul преди 17 дни
The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation
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