I Made the Smallest Base in Minecraft 1.17

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Mumbo Jumbo

преди 2 месеца

In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo builds the Smallest Minecraft Base in the Minecraft 1.17 update, as a follow up to the 2 year old video: I Made the Smallest Base in Minecraft 1.14. This tiny minecraft base is filled with Large Minecraft storage systems, automatic villager trading halls, Minecraft block swappers, automatic minecraft farms and more. This is a 1x1 Minecraft base (interior), or a 3x3 Minecraft base (exterior), and it's only a 2 block tall minecraft base.

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Greek _ Geek
Greek _ Geek преди ден
the storage systeem is a mini saharah
Yvola преди ден
Hahahhahahahahahah not as small as it appears
Tristan Webber
Tristan Webber преди ден
loved it
thenumber6 преди ден
Is there a world download for this?
paddy harris
paddy harris преди 2 дни
hermitcraft season 9?????
Preston Lucy
Preston Lucy преди 3 дни
Next we will be building a base in a half slab
Sapna Malhotra
Sapna Malhotra преди 4 дни
So compact but so complicated
SweetCoffee✨☕ преди 4 дни
That looks like a funeral for mumbo
Talon flame
Talon flame преди 5 дни
This qualifies as a fancy bed
Insert_5TUP преди 5 дни
MUMBO: I made the smallest base in Minecraft 1.17 Me: **places 2 blocks and a bed with crafting table and furnace on top** Also me: smallest home I could build.
Horses are Cool !
Horses are Cool ! преди 8 дни
3:17 scp fans will know what this means lol.
The Real Bigfoot
The Real Bigfoot преди 9 дни
What is classified as a base in minecraft? What items does it have to include?
GoodOldOzzy преди 9 дни
So, you had a food source before the chickens. A renewable food source. A food source which would have fit into peace love and plants. But no you had to kill many chickens for your food. I’m so pleased. (By the way the sustainable food source was the berries).
Elijah Delpilar
Elijah Delpilar преди 9 дни
Someone copied this thing but we all know you made the first
Ace Doesn't
Ace Doesn't преди 9 дни
Mumbo, you have created Grian's worst nightmare. (I also must add Grammarly tried to autocorrect Grian's name to Grain.)
Stuart Ford
Stuart Ford преди 9 дни
Mumbo... do you think in RedStone logic? Insane minecart system!
ALVAR Hendrix
ALVAR Hendrix преди 10 дни
Mumbo, you have used so many technical terms that I do not understand A SINGLE THING
Oscarous64 преди 10 дни
Not only is it the tiniest base but also the loudest base!
Neon Ninja
Neon Ninja преди 11 дни
Only on java
why me
why me преди 11 дни
Mumbo: “I’ve never been so thankful for 4 pixels in my entire life.” Me a Scp fan: “FOUR FRICKING PIXELS”
Pika4K1 преди 11 дни
MotchDaGolfer преди 12 дни
"After one villager mysteriously disappearing" Hmm where did that sword come from... 2:30
AJPinkPanda преди 12 дни
imagine what mumbo could do if he sorta did what he did to the micro base but to his hermit craft base
John Doe
John Doe преди 12 дни
With all of these things packed in there, it is still missing a key feature. A door. A baby zombie could just waltz right in there while you're crafting.
Weird Emoji Man
Weird Emoji Man преди 12 дни
What about the cartography table?
Mr_Unknown_756 преди 14 дни
when you have to make a base in hong kong
Youtubers Behaving Badly
Youtubers Behaving Badly преди 14 дни
If it wasn't for Minecraft this guy would have invented the warp engine already
kevinja8 преди 15 дни
An ITX computer, but it's a Minecraft base
Yesh преди 15 дни
Him in a few years: This is way too big! i'm gonna make my tiny base a microblock small
For Fun
For Fun преди 15 дни
holy crap thats creative as hek
Praise The Communism
Praise The Communism преди 16 дни
Can u please build me a better pc that i can play better games in mc then on my actual pc? :))
Meditative Dreamer
Meditative Dreamer преди 16 дни
Me:*makes a tiny base* Creeper:imma blow up My redstone wall: imma end his whole carrer
reuniteireland преди 16 дни
So many cool ideas in one little build. I want to build the minecart chest lectern combo and also the crafting table/other job blocks switcher. Both seem fun.
John Doe
John Doe преди 16 дни
It looks like a grave
Draw n' Film Channel
Draw n' Film Channel преди 17 дни
Make this in suvival with all of the lodestone and diamonds
PythonPlusPlus преди 17 дни
I like how you tried to make a small base, but underground, the base is massive.
Luka Lee Marshall
Luka Lee Marshall преди 17 дни
I saw the thumbnail prior to reading the name of the video and I truly thought you just build a really fancy resting place.
spuddo преди 17 дни
My grandparents first house: Hermitcraft base My first house:
Masa Popovic
Masa Popovic преди 17 дни
mumbo: the man who does not know the definition of either the word complicated or the word simple
DK kelzar
DK kelzar преди 18 дни
I didn’t understand a word you said other than the fact that your a villager murderer
Diamond Miner 74
Diamond Miner 74 преди 18 дни
Mumbo could probably wire Stampy’s rocket in vanilla minecraft
Trifun преди 18 дни
Unfair :(
Kristyan de Souza
Kristyan de Souza преди 20 дни
You took so much of your time trying to make the smallest base you didn't consider if you should make the smallest base, and now, the ultimate price you shall pay for you folishness is sleeping in a soggy bed if it rains
Evo Brainanta
Evo Brainanta преди 20 дни
sounds great for creepers, so it might just go boom boom boom, I can't stop singing this bloody tune tune tune
Quick Attack Films
Quick Attack Films преди 21 ден
How in the world did you get so small. Is that a mod? A glitch?
GoldenSoulyt преди 21 ден
I’m going to make the smallest Minecraft base *makes a crap ton of red stone under it*
greymatter1999 преди 21 ден
Could you make a video that goes a bit more in-depth of how that lectern Minecart system works I would love to make that but I’m nowhere as good as you are with Red-Stone, I pretty much just know the basics.
Jonathan преди 22 дни
I really like that lectern idea, sounds like a very nice item retrieval system for mass/deep storage.
Oriant Express
Oriant Express преди 22 дни
2 years later: I Made the Smallest Base in Minecraft 1.19 yes i did copy and paste the title
Dacactusmen преди 22 дни
It looks like a grave and no one can change my mind
juke caixa
juke caixa преди 23 дни
meanwhile my average minecraft house is the size of a chunk
Thew преди 23 дни
i saw mumbo and thought it was a funeral
Raja Rauf
Raja Rauf преди 23 дни
I Want To See You Make A Computer Or Just A Calculator With Redstone
Raja Rauf
Raja Rauf преди 23 дни
A Small Base And Behind It There Is A Large Space Filled With Redstone
ItzFuzzy преди 23 дни
Bro, you got to send the link of the world so we can download it
Kristoffer Veum
Kristoffer Veum преди 24 дни
You could increase the level of the enchanting table by replacing the wool in your build with bookcases
Jin Patrick patricio
Jin Patrick patricio преди 24 дни
It looks like a coffin
Jingyu Wu
Jingyu Wu преди 24 дни
Programming in a nutshell.
Kazzy Yuu
Kazzy Yuu преди 24 дни
My microbase: dirt house Mumbo Jumbo: 👁👄👁
Rahhhzel преди 24 дни
Mumbo: well I was fine with (...) you in the back Villager: DO IT PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE PLEASE!!!
Rahhhzel преди 24 дни
If you switch to the stonecutter u will have 2 in the house so u can destroy the other one and then put in whatever you want
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen преди 25 дни
10:52 Peace, Love, and Plants
WhiteImpostor преди 25 дни
*My broke ass who can't even have these blocks*
Po преди 25 дни
or you could just build a normal sized base
Shad0w преди 25 дни
then the creeper came and said hiss
Qween Lee
Qween Lee преди 25 дни
U Have infinite IQ bro-
12Secondz преди 25 дни
You ye ye ye redstone easy, me huh
Cyberkid850 преди 26 дни
Mumbo jumbo=simple build but way too much redstone
gokhale kedar
gokhale kedar преди 26 дни
extreme claustrophobia
Logan Isanerd
Logan Isanerd преди 26 дни
How does he not know about the gamerule that turns off wandering traders by this point?
Coldy преди 27 дни
Lenin's mausoleum would be like...
CodTrash преди 27 дни
What about the largest small storage
Stig Åkerlund
Stig Åkerlund преди 27 дни
3:16 four fucking pixels (scp refrence)
wixulz преди 28 дни
Just place a bed, furnace and crafting table and you're done
Anthony MacConnell
Anthony MacConnell преди 28 дни
Edean Chu
Edean Chu преди 28 дни
You made me re Damlload Minecraft to see if the new caves and cliffs is out for bedrock
Tactical Scally
Tactical Scally преди 28 дни
Dude I have no idea how the hell you come up with these redstone ideas...if there was a PhD in redstone you'd get one
Alasdair Siu
Alasdair Siu преди 28 дни
Mumbo is the biggest brain mc player
rojfm преди 29 дни
*cough* there is alot smaller house in minecraft already
Makemedinner преди 29 дни
This is basicaly how i build my 2x1 rust base and then honeycomb the crap out of it.
Mischevious LB
Mischevious LB преди 29 дни
2:30 With one of the two villagers misteriously dissapearing. Diamond sword in hotbar:am i joke to you?
kyle callahan
kyle callahan преди месец
Enchantment table ?
kyle callahan
kyle callahan преди месец
Also could of threw in an xp bank
Nekuro преди месец
that looks like a tombstone
HDFaithfuul преди месец
lol minecraft redstone is honestly so similar to coding
Nopls Help
Nopls Help преди месец
Me in my own trap door box
Charlie Graham
Charlie Graham преди месец
I’m sorry mumbo but I didn’t understand a single word of this
Ryyi23 преди месец
I think any redstone counts in the footprint of the base, so is it _really_ the smallest base?
Seventhsense Aashi
Seventhsense Aashi преди месец
Can you explain the redstone connection in a video you made in this vedio
Εισαι μπράσκα
Εισαι μπράσκα преди месец
That look like a funeral
FREJWe преди месец
i know how to make the smallest house ever and its very practical, the walls are doors
Righh преди месец
it wouldve been cool if the chicken went into one of the minecart chests also he spelled potatoes wrong :)
usernamemarselek преди месец
Mumbo 5 years later: MAN THIS IS BIG
Quin's Fish 'n' Crafts
Quin's Fish 'n' Crafts преди месец
imagine you play on a server and some guy says "wanna come see my base?" and you're expecting a big castle or something.
Scribble преди месец
There’s a sword on your hands after he was…
Scribble преди месец
Mobin Sodagar
Mobin Sodagar преди месец
When he said 1 villager mysteriously disappeared, he had diamond sword😂
Aaryan Sanapala
Aaryan Sanapala преди месец
Hey Mumbo, you can just trade with the farmer for the food you know.
Nobody: The thumbnail
BaldingReceedingBowlCutMullet преди месец
Glenwing Galkiel
Glenwing Galkiel преди месец
I still can understand the power of redstone machinery in that game... like wtf is that magic hat trick also working in minecraft? HOW CAN IT WORK...?!? Error 404 *Brain left the game*
Sphyxx преди месец
Imagine building this on a server and someone finding you XD
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