Hermitcraft 8: Episode 10 - I'M SCARED

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo works on the Hermitcraft 8 Mumbo Mega Base, adding greenery to the Mumbo Mountain. He always works on a Minecraft Peaceful XP Grinder, has some fun with Iskall85 and engages in some end crystal PvP with ImpulseSV. Harmless Harvests on Hermitcraft is also hugely profitable.

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди 2 месеца
The reason I am not using smokers is because I don't want the potatoes to smelt so fast that the fuel is used inefficiently due to empty smoker time. I have however thought of a good solution to the potential problem I mentioned in the episode, and that could involve smokers after all!
ma war
ma war преди 26 дни
@Jake Partridge အ့ါ​ြုကြ့​ြ​ြ့​ြကြကပကtuhtj
Mike преди 2 месеца
Eli Yoshimura
Eli Yoshimura преди 2 месеца
Hi Patel
Hi Patel преди 2 месеца
Hi Patel
Hi Patel преди 2 месеца
@Hi am like um Cold hi
Morse преди 17 часа
This comment will be in the dark depths of the comment section of this video for enternity
UnknownSoldier9865 преди 20 часа
I don't get why you don't build a kelp farm for XP and fuel...
IrishRumChugger480 преди 20 часа
“I need an iron farm for the cauldron” bit excessive but alright. Also who else thought Iskall pulled an Oogway in this episode
Mist Prowen
Mist Prowen преди 21 час
Mumbo, you might want to add a flashing lights warning for that time lapse at the beginning of the vid. It's consistent enough it could qualify.
MrKellinator преди 2 дни
The Hmmm-off was actually pretty zen for me! Had harmony and everything.
Charlie Bridget
Charlie Bridget преди 2 дни
Mumbo, ik I'm late but you didn't replant the tree with iskall... there was no Sapling 🤔
NatNat Boy Gaming
NatNat Boy Gaming преди 2 дни
22:40 mumbo theres an end crystal on top of your starter base
alpacaofthemountain преди 3 дни
Love the base, though it is not that sustainable anymore... (great video, I like knowing how episodes are made, it really shows the creator's mental process."
Aetherisme преди 3 дни
Akten преди 3 дни
I really hope Mumbo used strings on those veins... if not.. well he didn't do it right?
me преди 4 дни
I improved art Minecraft suffer 5 years *after
Burrito Man
Burrito Man преди 5 дни
yes mumbo, some radioactive things do actually glow
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming преди 6 дни
I like seeing the human side
ChristinewhoYT преди 6 дни
when you realise that Mumbo had only Diamond armour when Impulse had Netherite armour.
DILLY WILLY преди 7 дни
everytime he plays that stupid end crystal game the video comes to a grinding halt
Joris de Jongh
Joris de Jongh преди 7 дни
16:15 The Irish did *not* like that
Oriana Neulinger
Oriana Neulinger преди 8 дни
of course you have eyes in the back of your head, you're a potato
Beth Bonk
Beth Bonk преди 9 дни
The first time he flew off to look at the leaves he'd placed I thought... he made a stick man out of leaves
Christian Canali Shimizu
Christian Canali Shimizu преди 10 дни
That hmmm duel actually sounded good not gonna lie...
CHTech Industries
CHTech Industries преди 10 дни
Since he is using end crystals as a weapon, he should consider wearing armour completly enchanted with blast protection IV That wouldn’t necesarily be good in the nether, but some fire-resistance or a second set of armour should work for that. Just an idea!
Robert Snow
Robert Snow преди 11 дни
Where the hell in England is "Charlie big potater" a thing?! (From Essex)
Markus Åkerman
Markus Åkerman преди 14 дни
FUN FACT: OK is like an stick figure if you look at the side
Fantaboy преди 16 дни
our new stone has drip! limited edition!drip stone for sale now!!!
Norm Ave
Norm Ave преди 16 дни
If you use coal blocks they last longer
Tari Nikolett
Tari Nikolett преди 17 дни
18:20 use kelp blocks?
Lyral_AGH преди 17 дни
Mumbo putting on a western American accent is the funniest thing ever
Megan B.
Megan B. преди 18 дни
Mumbo and Iskal going hmmmm for 30 seconds got ME rethinking about my life choices
Rocous Trinity
Rocous Trinity преди 18 дни
U could trade potatoes with farmers for xp ::((((((((
Elliot Arundella
Elliot Arundella преди 19 дни
Mumbo, what about automatic bamboo farm??
Evin Baird
Evin Baird преди 20 дни
2b2t combat be like
1kSubChallenge преди 20 дни
Mumbo: the title of the vid is that I pat my self on the back for 20m The Title of the video: I’m Scared
jayvier ong
jayvier ong преди 21 ден
Mumbo Jumbo's logo looks like the pringles logo
Frost преди 21 ден
Mumbo Add some glow berries it will be very cool
FunTimesWithFunStuff преди 21 ден
Yeah its a big mountain, but what about the actual base inside, what are your plans for that?
Chase Gardner
Chase Gardner преди 22 дни
You can mend armor and elytra while wearing it 👍🏻
Trickytitan 03
Trickytitan 03 преди 22 дни
Where just not gunna take about the pass and gas voice holy shit
Beat Flying
Beat Flying преди 22 дни
@17:35 Mumbo i can Answer your question you can use a inf carpet glitch for fuel
Valantis Alatsas
Valantis Alatsas преди 23 дни
Nobody: The fly in my room: 12:47
Blank преди 24 дни
I know where the dragon egg is he gave it away in this video
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer преди 24 дни
I kind of don't really like it when you say negative things about yourself because you are getting really good you are smart. And I really hate when you say those bad words about yourself.
Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens преди 24 дни
I wonder how many people watching this don’t get the 12 bamboo reference
voix gaming
voix gaming преди 24 дни
mumbo copying grian in season 7 be like:
rueblimaster преди 25 дни
Dude just use 1 furnance at the time
Billup преди 25 дни
12:51 me warmimg up my ramen at 3 am
WorldBall преди 26 дни
SarOnly преди 27 дни
mumbo: I'm not gonna be the one with the smaller mountain *scar enters the chat*
BeMY GuesT
BeMY GuesT преди 27 дни
Mr.mumbo I know its late but maybe utilize trading for exp? And ull be rich so its a double whammy
zisdadawg преди 27 дни
12:48 reminder that these are grown men
CosmicAggressor преди 27 дни
Of course at this point he has gone from hippie, to potato boy, to the potato kid. Interesting.
FREAKY_SPIDER преди 27 дни
Mumbo pls just use blast furnaces and smokers
NoArtisticLimitation преди 27 дни
Tbh, admitting you’re scared makes me feel better. Because it reminds me that even people who know what they’re doing get nervous before they start, not just people like me.
Elijah ` Eddy
Elijah ` Eddy преди 27 дни
your Season 7 Grian when his base / mansion didn't have a back
Elizabeth Walters
Elizabeth Walters преди 28 дни
25:04 “I’ve got eyes on the back of my head” You have eyes all over you, you’re a potato
BattleBurger Gaming
BattleBurger Gaming преди месец
Reptil7 Gaming
Reptil7 Gaming преди месец
hhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. that was fun!
Rezki Perdana
Rezki Perdana преди месец
And that HMMMMM is on the G note
Jazen Azarus
Jazen Azarus преди месец
Mumbo: builds an armchair mountain* Mumbo: ok cool me: is this like a daily occurrence in hermitcraft? neat 1 episode later* Mumbo: balanced out moss and leaves* Mumbo: "I'm getting better at MINECRAFT" me: confused noises* 😅
Pizza requiem
Pizza requiem преди месец
I would have used coal blocks and just made a wither skeleton farm
GameGuy#1 преди месец
1:59 Anyone notice the 12 bamboo?
Louie-George Clare
Louie-George Clare преди месец
The trees at the bottom of the bottom kind of look out of place
JumpyJohn преди месец
I reckon with the standoff, you should each have the obsidian block with the end crystal 10 blocks away as usual then stand at your crystal 4 blocks away as usual then light the furnace, when it runs out run to the other persons spot (you could mark it with a block) spin round and throw the egg at your original crystal
hinara hyuga
hinara hyuga преди месец
I could beat you both
Draw with X man
Draw with X man преди месец
Tyler Shanks
Tyler Shanks преди месец
Technically Impulse would have the small mountain because he doesn’t have a mountain.
Yan The Man
Yan The Man преди месец
Tom Grady
Tom Grady преди месец
In terms of back, we have no back
raspberryice преди месец
Mumbo: Am I actually getting good at something? 😱 Redstone: Am I a joke to you?
Jordan Lilly
Jordan Lilly преди месец
Mumbo: what's this episode gonna be called "Mumbo pats himself on the back for 20 minutes"?!😊 The title: I'm scared
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen преди месец
I think you forgot about using Bamboo as a fuel
Boosted Rival
Boosted Rival преди месец
make a kelp farm for the potato fuel
StaticWolf Blogson
StaticWolf Blogson преди месец
At the end of the season can we please have a 10+min complilation of your tree growing harvesting and regrowing cycle, if mining is satisfying i find that S tier satisfying
Archangel преди месец
I was actually 100% getting a bit teared up when I saw that foliage.
Indigo Reigns
Indigo Reigns преди месец
Ngl, its really reassuring to hear that Mumbo struggles with Executive Dysfunction the same way I do
Owen Budke
Owen Budke преди месец
I laughed when they did who can hum the longest
SomoAndFriends преди месец
sqewree преди месец
im actually very glad mumbo was so open about the mind block when not being able to build. i feel that a lot and knowing someone else esp a successful youtuber goes through the same thing sometimes is comforting !
7salad3salad преди месец
mumbo couldve composted the taters for bonemeal
V R преди месец
Use kelp blocks for smelter xp farm
Pico преди месец
iskall85's hmmm sounds very swedish
Aude преди месец
At one point iskall and mumbo’s long “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” harmonised and became a beautiful song
Komori Zalera
Komori Zalera преди месец
I'm like a month late, but seriously Mumbo, WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SMELT THE THOUSAND POTATOES YOU ALREADY HAD!!???!?!?!!!
Chance Mahan
Chance Mahan преди месец
Could have just made a kelp farm. Dried kelp blocks are the best fuel source in the game. They burn the longest. And a kelp farm is super easy.
Gang Rahat Junior
Gang Rahat Junior преди месец
I love your videos
Amelia Burd
Amelia Burd преди месец
Ivy da drawer
Ivy da drawer преди месец
You should’ve made a stick farm!
jakub kazimierczak
jakub kazimierczak преди месец
Did anyone realise there an end crystal on top of mumbo mini bus
Jeff Tarver
Jeff Tarver преди месец
I'm sorry about your polio, Mumbo.... "literally... iron lungs"
Ayyy Cortana
Ayyy Cortana преди месец
You know Elybeatmaker's remixes slap when Mumbo names his elytra "ElyBeatmaketra"
Phox Games
Phox Games преди месец
if radioactive things glowed, then we wouldn't need Geiger meters.
Ninen_ btw
Ninen_ btw преди месец
is iskall from sweden or what?
T S преди месец
TheLocalStanAccount преди месец
3:51 That seems awfully familiar.... *Oh no*
Shadow Dawn
Shadow Dawn преди месец
That back is going too kill me until its built
Socks_r_on преди месец
Very late for this comment but I would have made a kelp farm to fuel that xp farm you got going there
Steven Rice
Steven Rice преди месец
yes it is a myth
Noah Goodare
Noah Goodare преди месец
infinite carpet machine for fuel?
RedHot преди месец
Why aren’t you using smokers
YaMoonSun преди месец
Should replace all the furnaces with smokers, you will get your xp and baked potatoes twice as fast.
RedHot преди месец
Potato genocide
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