Hermitcraft 7: Episode 60 - PACIFIC MEGA VAULT

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Mumbo Jumbo

преди 3 месеца

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo meets up with Iskall at the Hermitcraft Pacific island and discusses business plans in the new Minecraft floaty Pacific Meeting Room! Mumbo Jumbo then builds up the Pacific Mega vault in the Mumbo mega base, where we are going to do all of the technical redstone testing. It is a huge 8 block high piston door, with a Minecraft 9 digit combination lock, redstone security and key codes!
COMBO LOCK: bgpost.info/post/s46Ky4LDYqKrsZ8/video
Filming channel: bgpost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди 3 месеца
michael caskey
michael caskey преди 14 часа
On no
Holly Edwards
Holly Edwards преди 22 дни
Its ok mumbo we forgive you
Blane W.
Blane W. преди 25 дни
G-BAR Turbines
G-BAR Turbines преди месец
Really? I didn’t notice
Anoop Brar
Anoop Brar преди месец
@Retro Clan welp
Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah преди 2 часа
Titan преди 2 дни
dang i wanted murch
Jennifer S
Jennifer S преди 2 дни
whenever I hear "i will put this link in the description" I know its not going to be in the description
Yggdrasil 3011
Yggdrasil 3011 преди 4 дни
pc power hah jokes
joey преди 6 дни
ralph jones
ralph jones преди 6 дни
i am pretty good at redstone but, it take's up to much space!
BTN Brake time nerd
BTN Brake time nerd преди 6 дни
Heh I decoded the combo lock with my single brain cell! it’s PACIFIC
Alexander Caldwell
Alexander Caldwell преди 6 дни
Batron Gordeg
Batron Gordeg преди 9 дни
The code to the Pacific vault is pacific with a few numbers (It was like 8-10 hours in the 10 hour video)
ChampionX преди 11 дни
You the code starts with p and ends in c it's obvious the code is pacific
Heba Fahmy
Heba Fahmy преди 11 дни
Anybody else see the weird cat in a suit
Theoddone21 преди 12 дни
Siaqah Hussain
Siaqah Hussain преди 12 дни
hermit challenges
Jake Haydt
Jake Haydt преди 12 дни
Just make sure not to sell potatoes or Grian will ruin it
Jake Haydt
Jake Haydt преди 12 дни
Flash backs to Grian needing to turn off the dancing parrots in Sahara because mumbo couldn't stop looking at them
Muck Y
Muck Y преди 12 дни
GAMER DUCK преди 14 дни
i love when mumbo and iskall make plans
BRO3OPTIMUS_PRIME преди 15 дни
bro, you gave away the code like 60 times
Logan Vollmin
Logan Vollmin преди 16 дни
I bet the code is P4C1F1C
Logan Vollmin
Logan Vollmin преди 16 дни
Also the fact it has to make sense
Logan Vollmin
Logan Vollmin преди 16 дни
Only makes sense, that 1234, having some decoys in that, 7 & 9 making you think those are important, C F & P as no numbers fit those
seth fontaine
seth fontaine преди 17 дни
oh ima slap him
Azuul преди 17 дни
The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation EE
Der Stuntmaker
Der Stuntmaker преди 20 дни
The password starts p ends c :PazifiC
Katie Shawhan
Katie Shawhan преди 20 дни
Dogs don’t teleport on the snow for some reason
big big person
big big person преди 20 дни
cedric hess
cedric hess преди 21 ден
15:46 finally he understand what we feel when we watch his video of redstone circuits :v
Lee Woodrough
Lee Woodrough преди 23 дни
G-ROT_ King_
G-ROT_ King_ преди 24 дни
First letter p last letter c, that could only mean the password is pacific. Bc mumbo did say it was up to 9 digits
gon have
gon have преди 24 дни
gon have
gon have преди 24 дни
ImFunes преди 25 дни
I built 2 nine digit combination locks in my world. its alot easier for bedrock then for Java lol
Sammy Smacks69
Sammy Smacks69 преди 25 дни
Samarth Mokashi
Samarth Mokashi преди 24 дни
@SammySmacks69 I thought the same
Nick Russell
Nick Russell преди 25 дни
You're the least threting villains ever
That guy423
That guy423 преди 25 дни
Me hears mumbo not understanding redstone: visible confusion
Blane W.
Blane W. преди 25 дни
The code is "Pacific"
Sodio Clawkus
Sodio Clawkus преди 26 дни
Me: “Mom, can we have Beauty and the Beast?” Mom: “We have Beauty and the Beast at home.” Beauty and the Beast at home: 7:21
Reality преди 29 дни
Day 1 of asking mumbo to use his old intro for at least 1 video
Adhikari Dingasing
Adhikari Dingasing преди месец
@ Check this out very helpful !!!
CrazyCharazard 123
CrazyCharazard 123 преди месец
I have never seen a locking repeater in my life what is that thing
Jango_1546 ig
Jango_1546 ig преди месец
7:50 scrollwheel go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Drew Pacetti
Drew Pacetti преди месец
This has to be one of the funniest episodes I’ve watched thus far😂😂 keep it up mate❤️
sebe преди месец
Me watching the video and sees the horse stuck in the water for the hole time he built the door poor horse has been there for hours stuck in water and haven't been freed
GameplayClips преди месец
Teacher : the maths test is easy The maths test : 16:49
Losisans Gaming
Losisans Gaming преди месец
What about sahara :( and why isnt grian in on this. WE NEED THE RETURN OFNTHE ARCHITECHS
Table 2.0
Table 2.0 преди месец
Iskalls surprised face: looking down/forwards Mumbos surprised face: ahegao
Table 2.0
Table 2.0 преди месец
In a version of reality where Pacific is run my lesbians, I could make the pun Pasapphic, but alas, I cannot
Table 2.0
Table 2.0 преди месец
“You’re not that much taller than me!” Wait, there are people TALLER THAN MUMBO??? Iskal is either a heccin Titan of a man or Mumbo misspoke about his height lol
TheRealKitsune _
TheRealKitsune _ преди месец
Wait that's Pacific from Cyberpunk 2077...
FAZE UP преди месец
Mumbo, for the door you should put a button underneath the partition between the water. It is just more simple but I really like what you have done with it
David Wang
David Wang преди месец
BenGamin98 преди месец
One of my favorite things in Hermitcraft is Mumbo and Iskall just faffin’ about 😂
some rando clips
some rando clips преди месец
15:37 Mumbo, that happened to me. I wa working out a triple piston extender idea and finally did it, then i looked up i smaller design, and no matter how hard i tried, i could not comprehend it.
some rando clips
some rando clips преди месец
Mumbo: with a little bit of terriforming- Me: Oh, no....
some rando clips
some rando clips преди месец
11:19 Mumbo literally every redsone contraption-
ThePancakeRenegade преди месец
when you walk into the business meeting, have a dispenser that shoots out the big surprised iskall and mumbo faces for even better meetings
Sofie Schuit
Sofie Schuit преди месец
Lol mustache left the chat
Lucifer Nihilum
Lucifer Nihilum преди месец
Who's in charge of the hermit craft server? Because I'd like to request modded hermit craft return.
Radek Molchan
Radek Molchan преди месец
There should be a rivaling buisness called, "Atlantic"
Gordon Fing
Gordon Fing преди месец
The code is pacific I just realized
Enderman преди месец
p4cific ez
Fuzzy Gamer13
Fuzzy Gamer13 преди месец
What’s the red stone circuit that closes and opens the door? Need the name so I can research it further on my smp
Alex Silverman
Alex Silverman преди месец
Scar is holding a half Durability golden shovel
CPG преди месец
I'm gonna gess the password is. Pacific. Very secure combination there mubo pal. ;)
Diamond Mouse
Diamond Mouse преди месец
Mumbo you know “pacific” is named after a mini mall/apartment complex in Bondi beach (Sydney)
Irene Hughes
Irene Hughes преди месец
Mustache got snatched °0°
Alex Bellmore
Alex Bellmore преди месец
Pacific island shopping centre
Seabass O'Neal
Seabass O'Neal преди месец
I cant believe ive joined this party just barely to late, ive just discovered hermit craft and wouldve loved a chuffed to bits or mumbo for mayor shirt 😓
CongoRTX преди месец
Is the code P4C1F1C?
MadMax 5244
MadMax 5244 преди месец
Iskall: what do you need to travel the pacific? RUBBBER DUCK
TheRedstoneReed преди месец
I think I worked out how the combo lock works The line of redstone on the left is the signal coming from the button presses, and the similar circuits with the chests to the side of it are the individual decoders that allow the signal through only if it is the correct signal strength. Mind the fact that I’m a Bedrock player who is not the best at redstone and has played Java twice in his life. (The name RedstoneReed was a bit of a stretch don’t ya think)
Mert Özbek
Mert Özbek преди месец
Wait is there a block called "locked repeater" ?
LNC123 преди месец
p4c1f1c is the combo
OωO преди месец
Iskall spent all his budget on the so called “drawing”
O films
O films преди месец
that horse must like redstone
Billy Bob
Billy Bob преди месец
Did this man say poggerskal
Allie Syadiqin
Allie Syadiqin преди месец
Code: P4C1F1C
Hannah Woodard
Hannah Woodard преди месец
Thank you Mumbo for this amazing video. (Recent subscriber here loving the Hermitcraft series as I'm catching up) But I also want to thank the Google Employee who gave me that vault ad before the video started. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
TheMidnightTrain преди месец
I got an ad for vault doors
OrangeWolf 611
OrangeWolf 611 преди месец
No subtitles -_-
Mkhulisi Lab's
Mkhulisi Lab's преди месец
The combination is p1c
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD преди месец
[Insert creative username]
[Insert creative username] преди месец
It’s Pacific, Pacif1c, Pac1fic, Pac1f1c, P4cific, P4c1fic, or P4c1f1c I think
The Codester 2.0
The Codester 2.0 преди месец
You should make an eye scanner instead of a code system
LiveLikeMarie преди месец
I- I just watched a face reveal video and I can't believe how old they all are!! It makes this server so much better because it proves that Minecraft can be enjoyed by anyone. Much respect 😟
John Hawkins
John Hawkins преди месец
Is the code p4c171c?
Ana Rojo
Ana Rojo преди месец
5:06 Comically Large Spoon
X Rocker Gaming
X Rocker Gaming преди месец
Markuss Trankalis
Markuss Trankalis преди месец
Mumbo: The vault will be very secure! Grian in his hermitcraft tour video: *throws random carrots down the open entrance*
CaptOW преди месец
I got an ad for a vault door on this video.
Maxitic преди месец
When did grian appear?
Texesh преди месец
The code is Pacific Basically Edit : with a few numbers here and there
The Skater Dude
The Skater Dude преди месец
The code is pacific he said so in his 10 hour video
Leland Becker
Leland Becker преди месец
Iskall: pacific is the biggest ocean Atlantic: am i a joke to you
Good Lil Dynamite
Good Lil Dynamite преди месец
season 6: Sahara season 7: Pacific what's next in s8? Antarctica?😂
Bozo__Gaming преди месец
The Passwords is pacific
Emmett Brashers
Emmett Brashers преди 2 месеца
love how all the titles are in ALL CAPS!!!!!
Lordsnord преди 2 месеца
It's pacific
Mr. Korok Man
Mr. Korok Man преди 2 месеца
the code is p9c1f1c
Beanzo_ преди 2 месеца
Mew And Acorn
Mew And Acorn преди 2 месеца
The code is pacific
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